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Where To Find Elementary School Assemblies

By October 20, 2011July 31st, 2012Resources, School Assemblies

Way back in 2003 when I was in charge of booking elementary school assemblies for a school down in San Diego, I had no idea how to find them. Web browsing was always hit or miss because back then Google was still young and less refined.

My supervisor had a list of assemblies they had seen before, but many of them were worn out or had dropped in quality over the years. (Actually, that is one of the reasons I began my career as an assembly performer!)

Since then, I have become aware of several directories, websites, and other resources that have proven to be a great way to find quality elementary school assemblies. Here are the best ones:

  1. The School Assembly Directory – This is the penultimate assembly directory for schools within California, and sometimes out of state. It’s published by my friends, Wayne and Karen Brown, in early Fall each year. It’s companion, mini edition directory is handed out each year at the California PTA Convention.
  2.  Program Preview Day – My friend and colleague, Ken Frawley owns a company called Dream Shapers that produces elementary school assemblies throughout Southern California. He also works harder than any man I’ve ever met to bring schools and performers together through his School Assembly Program Preview Days in Orange County and Inland Empire.  (I often emcee these events, so stop by and say Hello.)The website is painfully difficult to navigate, but you can give him a call at his offices any time at: (888) 499-1270.  Ask for Ken or Valerie and tell them Kyle sent you.Just as a heads up – 2012’s School Assembly Showcases are being held on February 28th, 2012 and March 1st, 2012.
  3. Premier Showcase – Based in Lombard, Illinois (The ‘burbs outside Chicago) this showcase is produced by the inspirational Lloyd Bachrach and no event comes close to matching it for previewing live performers for your schools yearly assemblies. I’ve traveled and performed at it once and was blown away by how well it’s run. Yes – many of the performers are based in the MidWest but often times they’ll travel out to California.  Lloyd does himself (and I HIGHLY recommend his assemblies) as well as Chris Fascione who comes recommended by many.
  4. – This one is a web directory with a zillion and one elementary school assemblies listed. The cool thing is you can sort by state and performance type. I am not 100% sure of the quality of each assembly so make sure you call references.
Alrighty folks – I hope this info helps you out.
Do you have a favorite spot to find assemblies?
Hit me up in the comments if you do and I’ll check it out.

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