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Let's Host The Most Massively Attended PTA Family Fun Night Your School Has Ever Experienced... With ZERO Extra Work For Your PTA

Most elementary schools who schedule my draw-along school assembly, choose to follow it up with the extremely engaging, ridiculously well attended, Art & Drawing Family Night. Which, according to the National PTA has all sorts of benefits to your school’s culture!

From 6:30 to 7:30 pm on the evening of your school’s daytime assemblies, we’re going to get as many kids as we can to come back with their families for more drawing fun.  I’m going to teach everyone (kids and parents alike!) how to draw three more, different pictures from what they saw during the school assembly in a hilariously fun, entertaining show.

This ART Night Will Literally Double Or Triple Your PTA's Normal Family Fun Night Attendances

Here's How That's Accomplished...

Free Raffle For My Artwork!

At the end of the Family Fun Night, I’m going to have a FREE Raffle for all the kids who attend.  The prizes are these HUGE 20 by 30 inch, poster sized, hand-drawn original pieces of artwork from yours truly.

During the school assemblies they are up on display behind me so the kids see them all morning long.  Then, I let them know if they come back to the Family Night they’ll have a chance to win one of them.  This alone will typically double whatever your normal Family Night attendance numbers are. 

A Done-For-You PROVEN Flyer To Send Home Physically With The Kids...

I’m going to give you a PROVEN attendance-boosting, custom designed for your school, promotional flyer to can send home with the kids a week or so before the event.  I’ve tested dozens of different Family Night flyers since 2003, and the one I’m going to provide you with is a proven winner for creating large attendance.

And A Proven DIGITAL Flyer For Your PTA's Social Media And Newsletter!

I’ve got you covered for your schools newsletter and social media as well.  You get a done-for-you, ready to go, digital flyer as well to use to promote the event so no need to worry about creating one!

Ready To Go Banners!

I also have some cool giant banners that I bring with me to each school in case your school wants to hang them up on the parking lot fence for an added attendance boost when your parents pick up their students after school.

It Really Is The Greatest PTA Family Fun Night On Planet Earth!

Alright… two more things:

This in-person on campus Family Fun Night program MUST be scheduled with my draw-along school assembly and MUST be scheduled on the same day as the assembly.

I do not offer in person stand-alone Family Nights because they are never as successful, well attended, or as fun.

So, if for some reason you need an in-person Family Night and ONLY a Family Night… I am not the guy to go to.

Virtually however – I am available for stand-alone Family Nights.  They’re super easy to do on Zoom.  I will note however, you’ll still get a larger virtual attendance when they are coupled with daytime, virtual assemblies.