Hi – I’m Kyle Tiernan, a 38-year old Renegade Art Teacher out of San Diego, California.  I help elementary schools and PTA’s give their students quality arts education without breaking the budget through a one of a kind, highly educational, and 100% interactive school assembly program.  Since 2004 I’ve worked with upwards of 1-Million Kindergarten through 6th grade students and have developed several unique “master level” group teaching techniques, including the one that amazes teachers the most, the strategy of Preemptive Interruptions.

Elementary School Arts Education

Interactive School Assemblies

The cornerstone of what I offer, this 48-minute assembly program teaches K-6 students and staff a fail-safe, step-by-step, construction approach to drawing while introducing and reinforcing State Standards for Visual Arts along with cross curricular benefits of Common Core Math Standards.  Finally, you can send your kids home from school with a story to tell and pictures to prove it.  Learn more about the school assemblies…

PTA Family Art Nights

The follow up to the morning school assemblies, these hour long “standing room only” Family Nights give PTA’s a chance to easily increase parent involvement as families are invited back to school for more drawing and art fun.  Experience totally different drawing lessons from the assemblies, participate in a free raffle for Kyle’s original artwork, and do it all without any extra work on your PTA’s part.

Kyle Tiernan’s Coloring Book

As seen during the school assemblies (and typically available only at the PTA Family Night) this coloring book is packed solid with 50 of Kyle’s original drawings ready for your crayons, colored pencils, and markers to fill the pages with your own creative color schemes.