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How You Can Use My How To Draw, Art Assembly To
Kick Off Reflections 2012-2013 At Your School This Fall

When Mary Lou Anderson created the Reflections Art Program for PTAs nationwide in 1969, the arts were still an integral part of each child’s education, being taught in classrooms right along with math, science, and language arts.

Since then, times have changed, budgets have been crunched, and the arts have been cut from most elemen­tary schools (especially in California). It’s a definite shame, and totally not fair to today’s kids who deserve an education that includes the arts. (For many kids, it’s the only subject they excel in and are rarely given an opportu­nity to shine.)

Luckily, devoted PTAs have stepped up to the plate as volunteers to teach arts in their kid’s schools, and contin­ued to participate in The Reflections Program.  And, over the past couple years, several PTAs have found my assembly to be the perfect way to launch the Reflections Art Program at their schools.

And together we’ve come up with…

Three Reasons Why This Art Assembly
Will Get More Kids To Participate In Reflections This Year 

1 )  My draw-along assemblies are designed to give kids an introduction to drawing & visual arts while allowing them to use the skills they learn immediately, during the shows. This not only gets them inspired about creat­ing artwork… it also sends their artistic self confidence SOARING. And…

Once They’ve Succeeded In Art Once
Your Kids Will Be More Willing To Try Again!

2 )  At the peak of their enthusiasm and feelings of artistic success, I’ll take an extra 5-10 minutes to introduce them to the Reflections Art Program, let them know the options – dance, music, visual arts, etc – go over this year’s theme (“The Magic Of A Moment”), and give them a cool tool to use for brainstorming their projects.

Many PTAs are finding the kids understand Reflec­tions is going on, but they don’t exactly know how to interpret a theme and come up with ideas. (Last year, how many kids looked clueless when presented with the “Diversity Means…” theme? Yikes! At least this year’s theme is somewhat understandable!)

So I’ve created a 3-question worksheet to help them understand the theme and come up with an avalanche of ideas.

3 )  Most schools who use my assemblies to kick off Reflections also choose to schedule my Family Draw­ing Night as well. This allows them to get more parent involvement right from the start as I explain what the program is all about, the options, the theme, and how parents can help share in the adventure.

(The Family Night is also an excellent time to pass out the entry forms and flyers.)

When To Do It

Each California elementary school’s PTA unit determines it’s own Reflections deadline for submitting entries… but generally they choose a deadline around mid-October through early November.

So if you are interested in using my elementary school assemblies to kick off Reflections at your school this Fall you’ll need to get in touch with my right away as my Fall dates are extremely limited.

Since I am based in San Diego, Southern California elementary schools can schedule a 2012-2013 Reflections Kick Off Assembly any time during the months of August, September, or October.

Northern California elementary schools should look to schedule their’s during my one of my Fall Tours:

September 10th to September 14th, 2012
October 15th to October 19th, 2012

So listen: If you’re at all interested in having me visit your school this Fall and not only show your kids a thing or two about drawing, but also to inspire them to participate in Reflections, give me a call or send me an email right away so we can hash out the details.

Talk soon,