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The Fremont Cultural Arts Council sponsored an elementary school assembly tour of several schools in Fremont Unified. Glenmoor teachers share their thoughts:

Michelle Glock – I thought your assembly was terrific. The students were very engaged and successful with the art. Your management with humor was wonderful! When we came back to the classroom we added color to their art and took an “art exhibit tour” so we could view all their masterpieces. They loved it! As a teacher, it was a good reminder to me to include more drawing lessons and I plan to. Unfortunately, with such a big push on state standards the art sometimes doesn’t get the attention it used to and that’s sad. You came in and filled that void. Thank you so much!

Abby Satica – My students truly loved your assembly. This was the best assembly of the year because the students were so engaged. All of my students were able to follow your clear directions, and they were listening so they could hear the next step. All students want to be successful, and you showed them they could be with your step-by-step drawing techniques. They came out believing they are artists. I would definitely recommend your assembly to other schools, and I hope you’re able to come back to ours.

Taimi Price – I wanted to let you know that the assembly yesterday was wonderful! The buzz in the teacher’s lounge confirmed that I was not the only teacher who was impressed by you and your program. It’s so refreshing to see a young man like you putting your passion to work in such a creative way. My fourth-graders were enthralled, and each of them was so amazed with the incredible drawings they were able to make during the assembly. Your audience management was excellent; I’ve never seen our students sit so still for that amount of time. They were captured by you and your talent.

As a teacher, I especially appreciated the clever way you mixed fun with learning. You connected to the kids in the way you talked and told stories as you drew. But you also beefed up the presentation with technical information that will give me a basis on which to build for future art lessons in the classrooms.

Pam Casey – Thank you for your interactive drawing presentation. I liked the way you managed the group; including the use of choral response and physical movement. I especially appreciated that your presentation style allowed ALL kids to feel successful, regardless of academic ability.