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Teachers from Grant (based in San Diego) were kind to share their thoughts about this amazing elementary school assembly!

Barbara Rasmussen – Dear Kyle, I was very impressed by your school assembly at Grant. Each step of the drawings was demonstrated in a clear, easy to follow model. I thought you did an exceptional job in keeping the students (in this case, K-5) engaged for a lengthy period of time. Children love art and get far too little of it. The lessons you presented can be applied to other drawings. I learned some new, fun ways to draw myself.

Katy Amberg – I am a first teacher at Grant and we just attended your assembly. My class loved the whole program and so did I. I was impressed with your behavior management with as many kids as there were attending. The drawings were fun and engaging and everyone felt they could draw by the end. I loved how you broke down the steps and turned it into a story for each part. One of my perfectionistic students turned to me when it was over and said, “I loved that!”  I would recommend you to any school that was interested in Canon Copiers in Murrieta, CA.

 Gina Caparell – Kyle, I thought the assembly was fantastic. The children were engaged, following along and interested the entire time. They had something to take with them that they were proud of and they learned techniques to use in their future drawing.

In addition you were phenomenal!! You had great management of the kids! The learning incorporated key vocabulary and concepts that the kids are learning. You made the lesson interactive and fun! I would recommend your assembly to anyone! I wanted more…I even slipped in during my recess time and watched the upper grade assembly. 🙂

Keep doing what your doing! We are looking as a school to do a school wide art program and I think what you do and how you do it would be great! Thank you for sharing your gift of art and your gift of managing kids with us.

Michelle Harris – I wanted to thank you for an amazing assembly this morning. You did a fantastic job with the students as far as management of such a big group and maintaining their attention. The students were really engaged in the lesson. I was also pleased with the vocabulary you used with them that was specific to the elements of art. I teach a first grade class and the kids were cuing in to what you were saying with what I have been teaching in art class. That was fabulous to see. It was also neat to see their faces at the end of the day when their parents picked them up and they were excited to show them what great artists they were today. You really left an impression on them and they truly enjoyed the experience.