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Here’s some reviews of my elementary school assembly from the PTA and teachers at John Muir Elementary, in Antioch, California! Enjoy!

Lydia Vicknair – Your presentation this morning is, by far, the best assembly I’ve attended as a teacher. First of all, the level of engagement is assured, since most students love to draw. Even those that dislike drawing seemed to be engaged, probably because you help them be successful. Second of all, your presentation was organized, upbeat, interesting, and best of all, supportive of those skiills valued most in education…reading & good lifeskills.

I will certainly recommend your return next year to our school. My own students, and others I’ve asked say that yours was the BEST ASSEMBLY EVER! I even noticed the children were much calmer on the way back to their classrooms this morning, when ordinarily they get a bit riled up on the walk back from an assembly. I’d wish you luck in your endeavours, but I doubt you will need them, Kyle.

Kris Deacon – My fifth grade students and I loved your visivt to John Muir Elem. in Antioch, CA last Thursday. There were no complaints about sitting on the floor for nearly an hour. They were jazzed about the art, and all felt so successful. We were the late class and sat in the far right corner. We could see everything and hear you. The kids loved the “C S I” connection, and of course Smonge Bob (of whom, I am not a fan). They were sorry when it was time to leave, just wanting “one more” to do. I did give them time to add color and create more when we went back to class, even though it was our valuable language arts time.

I think what impressed me most were the results, the art, that these student created in such a short time. In particular, I have dyslexic, left handed student whose handwriting (printing), pretty much looks like that of a three year old, but you nor anyone else would be able to tell his art work from my best artists! The boy himself, didn’t think much when I told him it was great, but hopefully, deep down he felt good about himself and the fact that he could do just like his classmates for once.

There were over 180, ten and eleven year olds in that assembly and you had them hooked. You were in control. You had them wanting and doing. Good for you!

Christina Whitmire – Thank you so much for a GREAT assembly today! Absolutely every single one of our students was engaged and participating throughout the entire assembly! They LOVED it and learned a lot! The teachers couldn’t stop expressing how happy they were as well! In this day and age of cutbacks in art funding, your program brings a much needed reminder of the importance of art education! You are welcome back to our school at any time!

Charlotte Burror – I am a teacher at John Muir in Antioch. I thoroughly enjoyed your assembly. Since most of my first graders can draw better than me I was thrilled that my pictures looked as good as theirs. I have to say I was leery about the kids having clipboards at an assembly but they were so engaged there was no misbehaving. You have great management skills so keep doing what you are doing. The hand signals to be quiet were great. You have a great ability to draw on their experiences. The simple ideas of shapes and lines make it very easy for all.