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Best elementary school assembly of all time, according to teachers at Mission Crest!

Melanie Gonzalez – My class and I would like to thank you for a wonderful and exciting Chargers Ignite experience! To be honest, when I first heard that we were having an interactive drawing assembly I thought that it would not hold the students attention.

I was completely wrong!

The students were excited and remained engaged throughout the entire presentation. You had awesome control of the noise level and each student was able to keep up with your instructions. I would recommend your drawing assembly to other teachers for sure 🙂 Thanks again for sharing your talent with our school.

Nicole McDaniel – My class really enjoyed your assembly. The absolutely love to draw at any free chance I let them have. I could tell they really liked the tips you gave them. I even have seen some students re-creating what they learned on Friday. You had great control over 4 grade levels. It was amazing how quiet it was when you started drawing. I also liked how interactive you were, having the kids follow your gestures and repeating what you wanted them to say. Good Classroom management tips!!

All of my third graders were able to do the drawings. They were excited to share them when they got back to class. You kept a steady pace and none of my students fell behind. My students greatly valued the tips you shared with them. I am anxious to see how their drawings improve after your assembly. Thank you so much!

Melanie Butts – I just wanted to tell you that I thought your presentation today was fabulous! You really held the students’ attention and they did a pretty good of keeping up with you and drawing quite well. I teach a kindergarten class with 29 students. They had a wonderful time at the assembly!

I wanted to recommend sending out information about your presentation to the Heritage School in Phelan, California. One of my daughters attends the magnet school and I think the principal would be interested in hearing about you and your drawing-along assembly.

Holly Hammons – I work at Mission Crest Elementary teaching 3rd grade. Today you came and did an assembly for our students and I thought it was fantastic. I too did the drawings because I thought it would be fun. You were very entertaining and I loved the way you kept the students involved in the lesson. Your jokes and student management were great and you were able to keep a room full of 3rd-5th graders quiet for 45 min. which can be hard to do. I thought the step by step technique you used was very easy to follow and the pictures turned out great. Also, I thought it was fantastic how you tied in state standards that the studenst are learning or need to learn, into the art lesson. Many of the terms you used were ones that my 3rd grade class just learned or will be learning. It is always great for students to see how some of these things we teach can be used in other areas or in real life situations. Well, thanks for coming and sharing your knowledge with us we really enjoyed having you. Sincerely, Holly Hammons