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Victoria Elementary teachers comment on Kyle Tiernan’s draw-along elementary school assembly programs.

Kathy Teal  – Kyle–Thank you for a wonderful assembly at Victoria School.  Our students and teachers enjoyed it immensely.  Each child was engaged and successful, from kindergarteners to third graders to special day students.  My second grade students were excited to see that they too could draw cartoons and could hardly wait to take their pictures home to show their families.  I was also impressed with how well you managed a group of almost 200 students.  Your presentation was well-paced and fun, and gave many students a sense of accomplishment that they hadn’t had before.  Thank you for your positive, can-do attitude and a great experience for all of us.

Shelly Lee – I thought the drawing assembly was really fun.  The kids enjoyed it very much, and it helped increase their confidence in their own abilities.  You did a GREAT job of keeping their attention focused and making it fun at the same time.

Heather McCormick – Thank your for presentation at Victoria School.  It was well organized and the kids loved it!  I enjoyed doing the drawings as well.  Your behavior management is great!  Have you thought of teaching full time?

You kept the children engaged and on task and were able to bring their attention back to you when you needed to explain something new.  As a teacher, we don’t always have a lot of extra time for art and I try my best to incorporate it daily if possible.  Your presentation reinforced that creativity is critical and it gave value to what the children enjoy.  It was also very interesting to observe the children doing directed drawing from an onlooker’s position instead of my usual teacher’s role.  I could easily see which children have strengths and weaknesses in spatial and visual learning.