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School Assembly Testimonials From Ashley Falls in Del Mar, California!

Mariebelle OlivaAshFallsTestimonials
Hi Kyle! Just wanted to let you know that the children LOVED your assembly. As a teacher, I was very impressed by the way in which you were able to handle so many students and keep their attention. You even taught me a few things or two about directed drawing lessons. In second grade, we do that a lot. But hearing terms like overlapping and horizon line makes it more artistic, rather than saying draw a straight line. Hopefully you’ll be able to come back again! Good luck with your future endeavors!

Andrea Cannon –
Thank you so much for coming to Ashley Falls. The kids absolutely loved your presentation. I have never seen them so interested in a speaker before! They are still trying out your drawing techniques in class.

Christine Mazone –
I wanted to let you know that my students truly enjoyed your assembly. They were very excited to have an assembly that they could participate in with you, rather than having to listen to someone speak for an hour. They all wanted to keep on drawing their new “friends” when they got back to the room. You did a wonderful job of keeping them engaged for the entire hour as well as speaking to them in their language.

Often at times assemblies are over the students heads and they don’t connect to the person who is speaking. The students were all very connected to you and enjoyed themselves. Thank you for coming to our school.

Colleen Gaines –
I would just like to first thank you for coming to our school. Our students truly enjoyed learning to draw in a way that they viewed as “easy.” The students enjoyed learning how detailed drawings can me made easy with small steps in a simple way. Our students were able to do all your drawings and continue to do all of our your drawings to this day. You had great sound control throughout the school assembly. The students were very responsive to your audience control. The time you spent on each drawing was an adequate amount of time for each student to finish each drawing. The assembly gave our students a great message, the message that drawing is easy and that everyone can do it as long as you take your time and try. Once again, thank you so much. Our students had a wonderful time!

Julie Bergstrom’s Classroom Kids!
I liked how you told us stories that turned into directions on how to draw a fish. I like how you were funny and held our attention – like with the story about the tiger snail and the seaweed with the flowers. I like how you make hand motions when you telling us how to draw pictures. I like your drawing tips – shapes and the dots were helpful. I really liked how you made one thing turn to another – school bus to a whale, ice cream cone to fish. It wasn’t like any other assembly because we got to draw – didn’t have to just sit and listen. Thank you for the best assembly ever!!!