My name is Kyle Tiernan and since 2004, my draw along elementary school assemblies have become the go-to solution for schools and PTAs looking for the most educational and entertaining and interactive assembly programs for their students.

Teachers, Principals, and parents love how the kids actively participate during this assembly instead of just sitting and watching.  They are blown away by the visual results they see immediately at the end of the shows, proof classroom time has been wisely used for educational purposes.

And most importantly they appreciate the unmatched boost to their student’s self confidence this unique assembly brings.

Kyle Tiernan performing a school assembly.

Here’s How This Interactive
Draw Along Art Assembly Works…

For in person visits, your kids arrive to the MP Room, cafeteria, or auditorium with a pencil, 3 sheets of blank white paper, and a book or binder to use as a lap desk as they sit on the floor.  Yes, even the Kindergarteners!

(Long before your assembly date, you’ll get a complete simple logistical formula to make this work without a hiccup — as it has for thousands of K-6 schools before.  It will work for yours, too.)

Using these supplies, your students are going to be kinesthetically involved the entire time and this active participation is key to making the information really stick!

Also because of this involvement, your teachers are going to be able to peacefully participate during the assembly as well instead of policing the crowd as they have to in every other typical assembly.

I’ll be up front using a document projector and large screen, leading your children through a series of three step-by-step whimsical, fun, age and grade appropriate drawing lessons.

This approach allows me to work with any size group, and rest assured… I’ll be using some mega-effective group teaching strategies to insure everyone will be able to successfully complete the drawings!

While we’re drawing your children will learn dozens of specific tips, tricks and techniques they apply immediately to their drawings and can take back to the classroom and use later on.

In fact, each lesson covers at least 8 and often 10-14 California Visual Arts Standards and even a few… Common Core Math Standards!

We cover a LOT of content in this assembly – and teachers routinely praise the extensive use of geometric shapes, 3D forms and other math vocabulary during the shows.  They say it gives the kids a new cross-curricular perspective of how math and geometry relate to The Arts. (After all, art is an extension of math and science!)

The real magic of this assembly is seen afterwards when your kids go home, with a handful of three refrigerator-ready pictures they drew and a feeling of artistic accomplishment in their smiles as they show n’ tell their moms and dads…

“Look What I Drew Today!”

Giving your children that sense of artistic accomplishment, pride, and self esteem boost is what this school assembly is really all about.

You can imagine how much parents appreciate this.  Their kids finally come home from school with not only a story to tell, but pictures to prove it from an incredible assembly.

Here Are The Details You’ll Need to Set Up This
Awesome Assembly For Your School

  • Zoom or WebEx seem to be the most common platforms for hosting the Virtual Assemblies and I am fluent in both. If your school uses another program, just let me know and I’m sure I can accommodate it.
  • Each assembly lasts 48-minutes and your school can schedule up to three shows in one day.  Most schools only need two assemblies, but if you have a huge population of over 1000 kids, the third show is available at no extra cost.  (This 3rd assembly is also a great choice for schools with PM Kindergarteners.)

When you call, let me know how large your school is and we’ll discuss whether two or three presentations would work best for your situation.

  • I can work with any size group.  I’ve done as few as a couple dozen and as many as 1,200 at one time.  200-300 kids per show is pretty routine.
  • The content of each show is designed for specific grades so K-2 is normally grouped into one assembly, with upper grades 3-5/6 in another.  For the three show format we’ll look at K-1, 2-3, 4-6.
  • This assembly is designed for Kindergarten through 6th grade students and is not age or grade appropriate for 7th or 8th grade students.  Children ages 5 – 12 will love and succeed with the assemblies.
  • For in-person assemblies, once all this Corona business is done with… your school must have a multipurpose room, gym or other large auditorium equipped with a large projection screen and working sound system.
  • I’ll bring my own ELMO document camera and projector so you don’t need to worry about any “tech stuff.”
  • Almost every district in California (along with the CA PTA) has my insurance paperwork on file already.  We will see what your district requires and I’ll make sure we get the insurance taken care of quickly and completely hassle-free on your part.