If you’re looking for a one of a kind, interactive ART school assembly experience to welcome your students back to school this year…

… or maybe to kick off PTA Reflections or celebrate September’s National Arts In Education Week in an incredibly engaging and interactive way…

… or perhaps your school has a Principal with extremely high standards for quality school assemblies that use classroom time wisely and have a proven track record among other elementary schools…

… then this will be the most exciting message you’ll ever read.

My name is Kyle Tiernan and I’m a 40-year old Renegade Art Teacher and Visual Arts Educator based in sunny San Diego, California.  I’ve been performing my draw-along ART school assemblies in elementary schools nationwide since 2002.

And chances are your school, or others in your district, have experienced and enjoyed my interactive assembly programs over the past 20 years.

Going into the 2023-2024 school year, I will still be performing on campus, in person, as well as continuing to offer my incredibly engaging, entirely LIVE virtual school assemblies when and where appropriate.

Now – if you’re new to scheduling school assemblies, let me tell you a little about this awesome ART experience, how and why it works, and how we can make it happen for your students this year.

First thing you gotta know is…

Years of Assemblies
Assembly Performances
Successful Kids

All Of Your K-6th Students n' Staff Will Complete 3 Refrigerator-Ready Pictures During This Interactive
Draw-Along ART School Assembly!

This is no typical school assembly where your students passively sit and watch a presenter do a magic trick, perform a play, or do stunts on a bicycle and attempt to relate whatever they’re doing to the current national buzzword… character building, bullying, literacy, you know… whatever’s “hot” right now.

Instead, during this directive drawing ART assembly, every single one of your students are going to be…

Attentive, Educated, And Involved!

As you’ll see below, all of your students will be actively drawing during the entire assembly.  This isn’t just a handful of students being called up on stage… this is literally your entire student body participating during the whole program…

… and walking out with an unmatched, SOARING sense of artistic self confidence and three pictures they created and can be proud of to take home and show mom n’ dad!

(I can’t even begin to tell you how much parents appreciate this.)

I loved how every student got to participate instead of just a couple called up on stage. Fantastic!

Debbie RosenbergerSundance Elementary

Here's How This One Of A Kind
ART Assembly Works In Person

All of students will arrive to the MP Room, cafeteria, or auditorium with a pencil, 3 sheets of blank white paper, and a book or binder to use as a lap desk and they sit on the floor.  Yes, even the Kindergarteners!

Using these supplies, your students are going to be kinesthetically involved the entire time and this active participation is key to making the information really stick!

Also because of this continual involvement, your teachers are going to be able to peacefully participate during the assembly as well instead of policing the crowd as they have to in every other typical assembly.

I’ll be up front, using a document camera, projector and large screen to lead your amazing artists through a series of three step-by-step whimsical, fun, age and grade appropriate drawing lessons.

This unique approach allows me to work with any size group, and rest assured… I’ll still be using my semi-world-famous mega-effective group teaching strategies to insure everyone will be able to successfully complete the drawings!

While we’re drawing your children will learn dozens of specific tips, tricks and techniques they apply immediately to their drawings and can take back to the classroom and use later on.

In fact, each lesson covers at least 8 and often 10-14 California Visual Arts Standards and even a few… Common Core Math Standards!

We cover a LOT of content in this assembly – and teachers routinely praise the extensive use of geometric shapes, 3D forms and other math vocabulary during the shows.  They say it gives the kids a new cross-curricular perspective of how math and geometry relate to The Arts. (After all, art is an extension of math and science!)

Virtually Everything Works Exactly The Same...
Just Presented Live via Zoom
Streamed Into Your Classrooms!

During the pandemic my draw-along school assembly proved to be a match made in heaven for the virtual platform.

Teachers and I simply logged into a Zoom meeting… and projected it up onto their classrooms screens, while students safely sat at their desks and followed along with the drawing lessons.

But make no mistake – nothing was or is prerecorded.

I Still Present
Every Assembly
Totally Live!

This means, it’s never feels like “Oh hey kids, watch this video...”

It always still feels like an awesome assembly experience for your students.

This is an absolutely wonderful option for schools outside of California who I am unable to easily visit in person.

Now, whether you schedule an in person, on campus visit or some virtual assembly fun…. the real magic of this assembly is seen afterwards when your kids go home, with a handful of three refrigerator-ready pictures they drew and a feeling of artistic accomplishment in their smiles as they show n’ tell their moms and dads

"Look What I Drew Today!"

Giving your children that sense of artistic accomplishment, pride, and self esteem boost is what this school assembly is really all about.

You can imagine how much parents appreciate this.  Their kids finally come home from school with not only a story to tell, but pictures to prove it from an incredible assembly.

How Long The Assemblies Last
And What Grades It Works For...

  • Each assembly lasts 48-minutes and your school can schedule up to three shows in one day.  Most schools only need two assemblies, but if you have a huge population of over 1000 kids, the third show is available at no extra cost.  (This 3rd assembly is also a great choice for schools with PM Kindergarteners.)

When you call, let me know how large your school is and we’ll discuss whether two or three presentations would work best for your situation.

  • I can work with any size group.  I’ve done as few as a couple dozen and as many as 1,200 at one time.  200-300 kids per show is pretty routine.
  • The content of each show is designed for specific grades so K-2 is normally grouped into one assembly, with upper grades 3-5/6 in another.  For the three show format we’ll look at K-1, 2-3, 4-6.
  • This assembly is designed for Kindergarten through 6th grade students and is not age or grade appropriate for 7th or 8th grade students.  Children ages 5 – 12 will love and succeed with the assemblies.
  • For in-person assemblies your school must have a multipurpose room, gym or other large auditorium equipped with a large projection screen and working sound system.
  • And as always, I’ll bring my own ELMO document camera and projector so you don’t need to worry about any “tech stuff.”
  • Zoom is the ideal choice for virtual school assemblies as it functions the best and is the most secure.  My Pro Zoom account can hold any size audience so there’s never an issue there.Sadly, I am unable – or rather unwilling – to present using Google Meet.  It is, hands down, the worst possible virtual assembly platform for several reasons and I will not be accommodating it going forward.
  • Almost every district in California (along with the CA PTA) has my insurance paperwork on file already.  We will see what your district requires and I’ll make sure we get the insurance taken care of quickly and completely hassle-free on your part.

Finally, Here's How To Book This
Awesome Art Assembly Experience
For Your Students...

I’m not shy when proclaiming this is the best school assembly experience you can give your students.  No other assembly is more engaging, entertaining, or practically and instantly educational.  And, it’s earned thousands of positive reviews from teachers and Principals over the past 20 years.

In fact, the higher your Principals’ standards are… the more they will love this assembly.

And if your PTA supports the ARTS… you literally cannot find a better option.

It’s that good.

The easiest way to get in touch with me is simply by filling out the email form below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

This was well spent PTA money.

Nancy RamosRio Plaza Elementary, Oxnard, CA
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PS: Because I perform nationwide, please be sure to include where your school is located so I can get back to you with correct info.