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Chaparral Elementary School, down in Poway, California has some wonderful things to say about this assembly…

Christina Glady – I have to say that this is one of the best assemblies that I have ever taken my class to. The students were actively involved throughout the whole presentation. I loved how the use of shapes by name was used. It allowed the K-1 students to use their prior knowledge and see how shapes are used to make other things. I really enjoyed the extra facts that the students learned about the animals that they drew. All of the students felt like artist when they left the assembly. This was an AWESOME assembly where the students were really engaged and wanting more. The hour long assembly went very quickly (unlike most assemblies) This is the best assembly by far!!!! Kyle you were really good with the students. They absolutely loved you 🙂 Any school would be very lucky to have you as a guest artist for an assembly!!!!

Brenan A. Staples – Hey Kyle. It was great to see you and what a wonderful assembly you put on! I’ve talked with quite a few teachers here at Chaparral and the concensus is that you have mastered crowd control and really engaged even the most reluctant students into a worthwhile activity. As you know, drawing opens up new horizons for so many children-what a gift that you bring!

Mary Ann Voorhees – Hi Kyle and thank you for your drawing assembly. My PEPP (preK)class had already gone home when the assembly started but I was able to catch some students after the assembly. The kindergarten children felt very accomplished because they were able to participate and be successful. The pictures were awesome! The talk in the hallways was very supportive and the teachers I talked to thought it was a success!

Karen Boyle – Hi Kyle, when I told my students we were going to an assembly that we were going to get to draw, they were thrilled. All my kids love drawing. At first they looked at me with disbelief. They had never been to an assembly that involved anything but listening.

As I watched the kids’ faces, they showed so much satisfaction with their drawings. What made your drawing instruction different from any others including my own, was that you told jokes and stories to go along with each stroke of the pencil. The kids loved the fact that you knew all about Sponge Bob and other cartoon characters that they know. You also made them laugh with your jokes but were able to keep everyone on task. When we got back to the classroom, they all said they were going to come back that night with their parents, because they had so much fun and success. They also liked the idea of the raffle for your drawings. We all picked out which one we wanted to win. I’ve never been to an assembly as unique and as fun as yours. Good luck with your future schools. Anyone would be lucky to get you. If you sent us one of your pictures, the kids would be so thrilled. I will also have them write their comments tomorrow and send them to you.