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Everyone at Cullen Elementary in Glendora LOVES Kyle’s amazing how-to-draw elementary school assemblies and have him back, year after year.

Kathleen Durben – Dear Kyle, I was very pleased with the assembly last Tuesday. I teach first graders and they were able to follow your drawing lesson just fine without any assistance from me. You had great “crowd management” skills and held the audience’s attention throughout the whole assembly. I even picked up a few tricks from you. The most exciting thing for me was that all the children were successful in the drawings, not just a few talented students. Everyone in my class was very proud of themselves and their drawings after the assembly.

Margo Herter – Thank you so much for the interactive, fun assembly on Tuesday. The students were very engaged and they felt successful with you techniques. I teach Kindergarten and often times, the students don’t feel that they can draw certain things. They think it will be to hard. The manner in which you delivered the assembly allowed them to feel totally successful!

Your crowd control was AWESOME. Thank you so much for fun-filled assembly, the time went by quickly and teachers and students were sorry to see our time together come to an end. We are grateful that our PTA was able to provide this assembly for our classes. I hope you can come back next year.

Kathy Summers – Hi Kyle, Wow! That was a great interactive assembly. All of my second graders, even the ones with fine motor difficulties, drew so well. Your assembly boosted all of our (yes, I tried it too) self-confidence in drawing. Many of the kids even tried drawing the characters on their own back in the classroom using your helpful hints.

I was impressed with your ability in keeping the group of 300 kids so focused. Your adoration for children was obvious. The kids responded so well to your drawing tips. Having them use their hands to “grab that gooey eyeball and plop it on the paper” helped them to visualize what they were drawing!

Lori Larsson – Kyle, Thanks so much for the awesome assembly that you gave yesterday! The kids loved it. I have to admit, as a Kindergarten teacher, I was a bit skeptical at first about the idea of my 5- and 6-year-olds being able to follow along with a large-group drawing activity, but they did it! The drawings really turned out great, each with a lot of individuality and the child’s own creativity. You thoroughly kept them engaged and had awesome management of the whole group. (I even went back to class and found myself saying a few of your quiet signals and “check for understanding” responses!) Super job! Thanks for incorporating all of the shapes, too! We are just about to teach 3-D shapes like cone, sphere, and cube as part of our Kindergarten standards! Thanks so much for such a great assembly, and I hope we see you next year!

Cathy Lindahl – Hey! We thoroughly enjoyed your drawing assembly! The kids were very proud of their artwork and are already drawing new ones on the backs of their classwork! We did go ahead and color them but then sent them home to share at home. I even enjoyed drawing pictures myself. I don’t think I have attended such an interactive assembly before and it was a pleasant change. Thanks for sharing!

 Sarah Stockham – As a music major, I ALWAYS love having the arts explored and enjoyed at school. I drew along with you, and took notes. I loved how you engaged the students in the process. They came back to class enthusiastic and inspired! Thank you!

Lynda Okerson – Kyle Tiernan presented his “Drawing Secrets Revealed” assembly at our school today. This was a new assembly, so we didn’t know what to expect, except that all students needed paper, pencil and something to draw on. WOW! This turned out to be an extremely engaging 45 minutes for the K-2 students at our assembly. Kyle kept all of the students actively involved and he had positive “crowd control”. All of the students walked away proudly with three drawings they had created by following Kyle’s directions. His assembly also matched several content standards, for instance mathematical content standards as he incorporated geometric vocabulary such as “cube, sphere, etc” into his presentation. I would highly recommend this assembly!

 Lenora Mar – Your assembly was outstanding!! I teach students with special needs who have auditory, visual, and sensory motor weaknesses, among other disabilities. Yet, you were able to explain the basic concepts of drawing really well and provided enough visual and auditory input for them. You broke the steps for drawing into perfect simple steps that enable ALL students to try their best at drawing and also left them feeling happy and successful about their drawings! You kept the students interested, too, with your amusing anecdotes. Thanks for presenting such a wonderful assembly!!

Fred McGehee – I just wanted to thank you for the very enjoyable and informative assembly you presented today. My third grade students were engrossed, and engaged from start to finish.

In addition to your obvious artistic skill, you clearly have the ability to direct and to hold the attention of a large number of elementary school students while imparting valuable information.

 Unfortunately, art in general; drawing in particular are areas, which are often the first to suffer from budget cuts and curriculum realignment. Your draw-along assembly clearly demonstrates how much children enjoy learning when instruction is offered in an interactive and light-hearted manner.

Your presentation today offered the students of Cullen School very entertaining and practical insights, upon which I hope we will be able to expand. Thank you for sharing your drawing secrets with my students.