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Teachers and PTA Members at Emma Smith Elementary (of LVJUSD) took the time to write me some kind thoughts about my draw-along assemblies… check them out!

Kathy Scarbrough – All of the students (and the teacher!) felt successful which is difficult to accomplish. You had the students’ attention with your funny personal stories and the connections to real-life phenomena, like sparkles in the eyes. Talking about symmetry is also important in your lessons. Your sense of humor was great and you really captured the chidlren’s attention. It’s not easy to motivate and challenge six-year-olds for 50 minutes but you succeeded! Congratulations!

Debi Rose – Thank you again for making the trip to Livermore today for our assembly. It was amazing!! The kids loved it and I heard only positive things from the teachers and staff for the remainder of today. Kids were showing each other and me their drawings all day long. They described the assembly as “cool”, “awesome”, and “super fun” to name a few. The only downside was that you didn’t have enough overheads to give to the kids!! Anyway…several of them asked if you would be coming back again.  I would love to have you back at our school again in a future year. Thank you for sharing your talent and enthusiasm for drawing with our kids.

E. Melendez – Your school assembly presentation on drawing secrets today was, to say the least, awesome and very well received by my third grade students. The subjects drawn and verbal directions/dialog were clear and easily followed. Your technique had students not only focusing on the sketches but also verbally interacting with your directions in a fun manner.

Your control of the 240+ students was incredible. The presenation benefitted all my students including the ” I don’t know how to draw ” reluctant ones. I will remind my students about this assembly when it’s time to illustrate their student authored books.

Mary Cameron – Dear Kyle, We all enjoyed your assembly so much! As I was surveying the entire group of almost 500 kids, I saw each student engaged, under control, and enjoying themselves! I could see their good self esteem through the smiles on their faces, and knew they would again try on their own the method that you taught them. Your control of the audience was positive and effective, and the kids really enjoyed all the interaction.

Monica Tracey – Thank you so much for a wonderful interactive assembly. My second grade class enjoyed the drawings and were so excited to show them off. I was able to integrate a writing activity to go along with one of their favorite pieces. I was very pleased with the outcome. Thank you again for a fun and educational assembly. You did a fantastic job keeping them on task.

Shannon Sousa – I attended your assembly with my first grade class this morning. The children and I enjoyed it. I was impressed with how well you were able to keep their attention. Every single student in my class was successful with the drawings. I also really appreciated the art vocab words you used during the assembly. I made a list of them to discuss with my students and to use in our own art.

 Terry Linney – I have to say – you were FABULOUS! I was the one in the office when you dropped off your drawings that the airlines wouldn’t let you take on….I mentioned to you how great I thought you were….how I was so impressed how EVERY student I saw was SUCCESSFUL! This is a HUGE part of teaching…making kids feel successful. I OFTEN hear “I can’t draw…I”m a terrible artist” etc…NOT one child said that after your presentation. My own daughter who is intiminated by her brother’s skills…came running up to me to show off her work! So I thank you as a teacher as well as a parent! The assembly time of just under an hour was well worth it!