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Guy Emanuele Elementary School (of New Haven Unified) share their thoughts about the California elementary school assembly they like best…

Debi Bauman – You were awesome. To begin with your assembly management was right on. The kids really responded to the techniques you use to have them repeat words you are teaching and to use the tiger/bunny ears to say “sshhh” as they lower their hands. All to often assemblies get a little out of control, but I think you had the attention of all the students in the room. Wow! As for the drawing, I think it was great. My kids came back to class and they couldn’t wait to show me the pictures they had drawn. Their self-esteem was raised and their enthusiasm was sky high. We took a little extra time to color the pictures too.

Thank you so much for coming all the way to Union City to draw with our kids. We are certainly better for the experience. I hope we’ll see you here at Emanuele in the upcoming years!

Sheilah Stettler – Not only did all my students pay attention to your directions, they produced one of a kind unique drawings as they followed along. Today, in class, we were making farewell cards for a school staff member and some of the my students actually replicated the submarine with port holes and all, with the pencil steps. In addition, one creative student added a picture of the departing staff member at the front of the window. On their own, there were at least 6 students who drew that lesson. Someone else mentioned the CSI acronym also. So you can see, your lesson “stuck”.

We will also be writing to our U.S. Army pen pals stationed in Iraq and plan to include a sample drawing of what we learned from you and tell the pen pal what we did during your fantastic assembly. You presented an engaging and fun assembly using humor and art, with total control over 9 upper primary grade classes. Hopefully, these students’ interest in art will have been spurred on by your enthusiasm and expertise.

Michele Torquemada – The assembly was great! My third grade students loved it. All my students were able to do the drawings even my resource students. They were able to keep up no problem. The pacing was perfect. Crowd control was outstanding. Students responded to your management strategies.

My third grade students have really been into drawing lately. I have a lot of drawing books in my classroom that have been given to me by my brother who is an art teacher and my students do a lot of tracing. It was great for them to actually draw something free hand. All my students just loved the assembly. I highly recommend it.

Zaby Bongiovanni – Kyle Tiernan’s assembly was a wonderful way for students to try something new. Even those who do not think of themselves as “artistic” left the assembly feeling a sense of accomplishment! All students were engaged, Kyle interacted with the students at their level (easy drawings for younger grades, more interesting or harder drawings for upper grades). His manner was friendly, funny, and delivery was well paced. Students paid attention and participated with little or no teacher intervention.

The best part was seeing that a few days later the students kept drawing what Kyle taught them! It was a memorable experience. Kyle should put his work on DVD. I could use it for rainy day art activity.

Elaine Cant – I teach a combination special education class of first and second graders. My kids have varying levels of learning disabilities. Out of 13 students, all were engaged during your presentation and able to produce some degree of product. They were on task for the entire assembly and needed very little support from paraprofessionals and myself to produce drawings.

When we returned to the classroom, my students were very proud of their pictures and wanted to know if they could draw some more. Usually when we return from an assembly, my class wants to know when we can go to recess or home. Not this time!

My class was seated next to some kindergarten students, and I noticed they were on task too. Nice program, Kyle. I hope we have you here at Emanuele again next year. My paras commented, “That was the best assembly we have ever had. All our kids got something out of it.” Oh, and they mentioned they enjoyed it too, along with the kids!

Becky Reed – I thought your drawing assembly was outstanding. Not only did you have great management, but every student was able to walk away with three drawings. The pacing was good and the students were engaged the whole time. Thanks so much for a wonderful assembly.

Jennifer Javier – I am a first grade teacher at Emanuele. I need to commend you on such an amazing job last Friday! The kids loved your activity and, from a teacher’s perspective, you had amazing behavior management. I was very impressed by how you got 250 students to listen and follow directions at the same time! If you ever want a career change, may I suggest teaching?!

Joanne Calore – I have been teaching for almost 20 years and have never seen such a large group of students so engaged and focused on a single voice and of course that voice was yours.

You have an incredible talent for instructing, engaging and motivating students to be successful. The most amazing part of your workshop was that every student regardless of primary language or culture was able to be successful and each child beamed with pride as they left the assembly holding their art work. Keep up the incredible work!! I plan on telling all my teacher friends about you and your fantastic work!!!