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Here’s what teachers in Poway Unified (at Highland Ranch Elementary) thought of this unusual draw-along school assembly:

Cindy Sivas –  One word: “OUTSTANDING!”

Your energy was contagious, your control with a large group of children of all ages was absolutely great.  My students loved drawing with you and yes they were all able to draw right along with you. They were thrilled with the pictures they drew.  I asked them if they would like to have you back again and the response was overwhelming with, “oh yes, we want him to come again!”  I do a lot of art in my classroom as well, but I loved your approach and I even had fun drawing right along with you. This was one of the best assemblies so far.   Thank you for keeping art alive!  It is often forgotten.

Jana McGurrell –  Thank you so much for coming to Highland Ranch this morning. My class absolutely ADORED this assembly. They came back to the classroom and I know they didn’t want to read so I let them color in their drawings. They were talking about the shapes they made and how it all worked together. Then some children started free drawing other shapes.

As a teacher who feels inadequate at Art, this proved to my class that you don’t have to be a fantastic artist to be really good at drawing.

I loved how you incorporated Math, Science, and being happy with who you are during your assembly!  I truly hope that our PTA has you come back every year because our children really received a gift this morning, your time and talent.

Monica Eckmann – Hi Kyle I really enjoyed your assembly.  Your energy and humor was very entertaining  not to mention the lessons you taught the children.  I was sad when the assembly ended!! 

I thought you did a very nice job with the students, and you taught them some basic skills, using basic shapes that would not only help them draw the characters you taught, but also  attempt other drawings.  Your teaching techniques, and how you taught them about movement (for example) made it very easy for them to understand.

My third grade students were able to do the drawings and wanted to take paper out to recess the following days to continue drawing.  I loved the amount of interaction, we haven’t had many like that, it was refreshing, to see the number of students in the room fully engaged.  Audience control was great, you were able to get them excited and bring them back down.  I felt there was value in the visual arts-based of the characters.  They were excited as we walked in to see what you had drawn.  The children felt successful, and so did I:)