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Teachers from Houston Elementary School in Gilbert, Arizona fell in love with my draw-along school assemblies and they schedule the program year after year!

Shannon Anaya Magana – Thank you Kyle my kids loved it and were very entertained! I think what you are doing is great and other schools should have you come in! you do a great job presenting and the timing was good also. I like assemblies where the students actually get to participate and they love it too. Thank you again and hope to see you back at Houston Elementary School in Gilbert, Arizona.

Glorie Pankratz – My students thoroughly enjoyed your presentation on cartoon drawing. They are first graders and some had seen you last year – those who did were very excited to see you again stating that it was their favorite assembly. I too looked forward to seeing you work your magic with the kids. You have a wonderful ability to entertain and educate at the same time. I have taught 30 years and know how difficult crowd control can be at assemblies but we never have any problem with the children when you are there. They are mesmerized. I love that you make the children feel empowered – they too can be artists and it makes them feel so good about themselves. Thank you for another memorable assembly!

Allie Kerley – Just wanted to let you know that they assembly was great. My kids said it was the best assembly of the whole year. My students are special needs and they were able to follow your step-by-step instructions to make the drawings. Your steps were clear, slow and they were able to create amazing pictures. I even got in on the action and followed the directions. I (who can only draw stick figures) was able to draw an alligator and turtle and it came out great! I just want to say thanks for coming and hopefully you will be able to come back next year!!

Stephanie Poppiti – I wanted to first say what an enjoyable assembly. Another teacher and I were talking and saying it was the best assembly this year. It was definately a lot of fun and very enjoyable for all.

My kids were loving the cartoon drawing and came back to class and colored them in. They definatly wanted to do more! I think it was greatly paced and even kids who have trouble drawing followed very well. I think it taught many students that they could draw and it was easier than it looked. They all wanted to win the posters very badly. I think they learned about the detils of cartooning too!

I know this assembly was fun for the students and they all got to participate and learn about real cartooning! Thank you!