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Madison Elementary School teachers talk about my elementary school assemblies. =)

Diane Bonetati – I knew the students would enjoy learning how to draw along with the instructor but I was very skeptical about the promise for good management of the kids’ behavior. I was very happily surprised about the great pacing and management of the crowd. Every student was engaged. No one was complaining about not being able to see or about not keeping up or that his picture was “bad.” We all enjoyed it and the students came away being excited about their abilities to draw. After 18 years of teaching, I learned a few new tricks about keeping students engaged and managing behavior! Thank you!

Nadine Broekman – Just a little note to let you know I enjoyed your assembly. I loved that it was interactive where the students were actually learning to draw and learned that they can be successful in art.

The students wrote thank you notes to our PTA -I hope they were the ones who brought you to our school. My students also have written comments for you that I will send to you next week when we return from vacation.

Hilary Berry-Cahn – The kids loved your presentation. You were quick-witted, funky with the kids and had amazing control of the large group. Your whole overall school assembly was phenomenal and I HIGHLY recommend it!