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OPTC members and teachers from Olympic View Elementary share their opinions about my draw-along school assemblies.

Lisa Lines – Thank you so much for the great assembly on Friday! My kids loved it! You had such a great “way” with them and all students were completely engrossed. Not only does your directed drawings teach them art secrets, but also helps them with visual discrepancy. Bravo to you! I hope you come back.

Shirley Lenyoun-Robinson – A very big thank you for the outstanding job t our K-2 art assembly at Olympic View Elem. My Kinder class was totally engaged and so focused as to the task at hand. My second language children were so into listening and following directions. I am keeping all the pictures to follow up and share with parents at conference time as to how their children are developing in the area of fine motor skills.

So with that THANK YOU MUCHO!!!

Shirley Robinson – Just a note to say thank you for the wonderful experience that you presented to my Kinders. It was a delight to see all my children engaged and determined to get each picture just right and have fun! They really did a fantastic job — thank’s to you! I am keeping the pictures to share out with parents at conference time. It will help when I talk about fine motor skills as well as how well the children stayed on task.  Keep up the great job and feel free to come back anytime!!!!!

Kari Ann Nieves – Thank you so much for such an incredibly enjoyable art assembly! All of my kindergarten students were enthralled and totally focused on your directives.

Your assembly was very interactive and fun. You had each student from kinder thru 2nd grade watching you intently and the finished product they created was incredible. Not a minute was “wasted” and your directions were easy to follow. The kids were quite proud of how well they did and the things they drew. I will definitely recommend your program to other schools.  Again, thanks for a wonderful time!

Tessa Inumerable – Hi Kyle, I spoke to you after the K-2nd Grade Assembly. I enjoyed talking to you and have to say I really enjoyed the assembly. My Kindergarten students enjoyed drawing with you. You had their attention the entire time!

You have a great personality and your talents as an artist are inspriational to these young students. I attached your flyer to the art work so parents can share in the excitement with their child. I highly recommend your assembly to others. I know PTC and PTA programs have a certain budget for assemblies, the money was well spent in inviting you to our school. Again thank you!

 Robyn Schauer – We, Olympic View and our OPTC would like to say a BIG Thank you for coming out to our school yesterday and teaching our students and teachers 🙂 your drawing secrets!!! Everyone I talked to had great things to say and had A LOT of fun!

We also appreciate all your patience with all of our “extra” things we had going on!

Your program was a success at Olympic View and the kids LOVED it! 

Noemi Hanono – I am pleased to say that my fourth grade class thoroughly enjoyed Kyle’s art lesson today. The students were engaged, participated, and walked away with three great art works. The time just flew by. The children wanted to stay and draw some more.

We also really enjoyed the way Kyle kept the pace and humor right at the children’s level. He was funny, entertaining, while teaching them some great tricks that any one could learn to draw cartoons. He made it simple and fun. Even I participated and came away with a great cartoon penguin, and a goofy looking refrigerator. They are currently taped to my white board in class!

The children could not wait to get home to share their art samples with their parents. Some started coloring them in class, some decided it would be something fun to color at home this weekend because of the threat of rain.