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Tricia Ringel is the current Principal at Pomeroy and she has my draw along school assemblies and Family Fun Nights every single year because her teachers say things like this:

Stacy Butler – I had a great time and so did my class.  You managed to entertain my class of kindergarten and first graders the entire length of the assembly.  I have not seen them so focused one one activity before.  I was amazed at how well their drawings turned out.  They were really proud to be able to take their creations home yesterday and tell their parents that they had done them all by themselves.  They were so excited to come back in the evening to learn more.  The shapes were a perfect way to start because they were familiar with the shapes and it helped build their confidence before any thing was put on paper.  They knew they could draw the shapes.  I was equally amazed at how many of my students didn’t ask for a new paper because they “messed up” or how they didn’t seem to even notice that they didn’t need erasers.  As soon as we got back to class they wanted to add color to their pictures.  It was really exciting for me to see how creative they could be and how each picture was unique, just like they are.

I am the proud parent of a fifth grade at Sutter School which you had an assembly at today and as soon as I got home from school my son wanted to show me his drawings that he had done.   He is very creative but he usually doesn’t draw or color much but he loved his drawings and was so proud to share them with us and even put them up on the refrigerator.  Which was cool since he hasn’t done that since he was a little guy.

I wish you great luck in your next adventure.  I will definitely request you to come back to Pomeroy again.  It was entertaining and educational for the kids and it really showed them that they don’t need the new fancy game systems or computer games, they can be very creative with just paper and a pencil!

Alan Glover – Thank you ever so much for the entertaining, enlightening and engaging Drawing Assembly, this past Wednesday here at Pomeroy Elementary School…! My 4th grade class absolutely enjoyed and fully participated in your program. All 31 of my students wanted to show me what they had drawn when we got back to the classroom.

Ordinarily when we return from an assembly most of my students have some positive to say about it and want to share out for a few minutes. After we returned from your Drawing Assembly they all wanted to share out and even continue on drawing. Since I also draw and have shown them drawing techniques, they were eager to tryout what they had just learned from you, on things that we had done before. Most of my students attended your evening (Family Fun Night) presentation as well…!

Regarding the assembly itself, I was particularly impressed with your assembly management skills, your captivating set-up and fun easy to follow along and encouragingly guided drawing approach that had the entire assembly of students wanting to draw and chopping at the bit for the next morsel of drawing skill that you shared and that they believed they could accomplish…! Powerful and empowering…!

Suzanne Lagace – Wow! What an assembly, You were amazing. You really connected with the kids. You have a calm and natural way of speaking to students. You had them in the palm of your hand. All of the staff and students  enjoyed your presentation. I drew along with the kids and I was pleased with my drawing results. I’d like to see you conduct a drawing professional development day for teachers. I am going to pass your name along to  some friends who teach for another district. Thanks again, Kyle.

JoEllen Poon – Thanks for coming to our school. The kids were so excited to learn how to draw, and it was especially exciting since it feels like we have less and less time for the “luxury” of teaching art these days. Here are some of my thoughts about the assembly:

Kyle was great in presenting drawing techniques to the students. He was able to keep them laughing and entertained, weaving in some storytelling, all while showing them how simple shapes and lines can make for fun pictures. The kids came back to rainy day recess and spent the time practicing their drawing– they couldn’t get enough! Although I couldn’t make it to the evening event, a lot of my students were bursting with excitement to share about the fantastic time they had together with their parents at Kyle’s evening family session.

In a time when it’s easy to take ourselves too seriously with math, reading, and writing, the drawing assembly brought more fun and laughter into the school day.

Kids who did not always succeed in art were able to proudly show me what they had accomplished with Kyle’s help and instruction. We would love to have him again!

 Kendra King – My students LOVED the assembly!! I thought you had great rapport and control with the students, and they were actively engaged the entire time.  Those, like me, that are not good at drawing were successful because of your easy to follow and fun steps. They were proud of their drawings and couldn’t wait to take them home and show their parents.

I would HIGHLY recommend the draw along assembly to another school.

Thank you!

 Joy Lindsay – Hi Kyle, below is the email I sent to my Principal, Tricia Ringel. I wanted you to know that aside from the skills you taught which were great you also have a great presence and were very entertaining.  This kept the kids engaged and so interested in their art pieces.  You are quite talented and I would highly recommend having you again.  I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the assembly yesterday and how beneficial it was for our kids.  I think they took A LOT from it!  I was so impressed by their final products and to be honest was shocked to see how amazing some of their pictures were.  I loved that the assembly was interactive and Kyle was a great presenter.  He gave the kids the opportunity to be successful and build some confidence in their drawing abilities.  Many thanks from all the munchkins in room 14!

Crystal Rose Appling – Thank you so much for coming to our school yesterday. I teach second grade and thought that your presentation was great! My students all loved drawing along with you. The way that you described shapes and engaged all of the students was spectacular. You really seemed to be in touch with how to connect with kids which is not always the case with presenters. My students couldn’t wait to come back to class and color their pictures.