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Comments About Kyle’s Elementary School Assembly From Proctor Terrace Elementary in Santa Rosa, California! (Such a beautiful place!)

Leslie Gude-Dunbar – The assembly the other was a blast for my class. They are all making fish and whales. In fact, my daughters both go to school where I teach and they came home so excited about drawing cartoons. They were able to remember all you taught and do it from memory on their own. I think it was lots of fun for kids of all ages to participate. Keep up the good work!!

Tiffany Millea – I thought the assembly was fabulous. I teach Kindergarten and I have already started using some of the phrases you used in my class like “Just pretend like you know how to do it”. I often hear I can’t do it so that phrase has gotten some kids to try things they wouldn’t have. The pase of the assembly was great. We really enjoyed it and the kids were able to draw. Thanks!

Patricia Hlinka – Kyle, you did a great job. The students were fully engaged, you made the step by step process easy and fun and the consistent terminology was wonderful. They were very proud to bring their drawings back to class and “show off” their drawings.

Kim Solomon – My class and I loved your assembly. You have excellent management skills and made it easy for us all.All but one of my students completed the drawings, this child was mesmerized by watching you and forgot to draw. My kindergarten students were so proud of their accomplishments. They could not wait to show them to their families. Thanks again for such a great job.

Melissa Marceleno – I am a teacher’s assistant who works in a classroom at Proctor Terrace Elementary. Recently you visited our school and gave a presentation, which showcased your drawing talents. I would like to thank you for taking the time to visit our school to share some of your drawing secrets. The students thoroughly enjoyed the experience; they loved your approach to drawing. I would also like to compliment you on how well you presented the assembly. The students I work with have special needs and drawing is especially challenging for them. My students were able to participate successfully without getting frustrated. You gave very clear instructions with enough enthusiasm to keep them engaged the entire time. I would definitely recommend your assembly to other schools.

Rylan Truman – This very positive message is coming to you from a special needs assistant at Proctor Terrace Elementary School. I just wanted to let you know that the assembly you had here was a tremendous success. My students were able to follow your easy instructions and I believe that having a finished product they were so proud of did wonders for their self-esteem and confidence. Job well done!

Susan Fiege – Great Job! The kids loved their time with you. Their only complaint, and mine as well, was that it was too short!!! We wanted more! It was really that good. Amazing! The students all felt so successful and proud of their art. I have a few students that are fine motor skilled challenged and they felt wonderful and so proud of their artwork. That is an accomplishment in itself. On top of that, the other kids, the ones that have good art/drawing skills were thrilled and engaged as well wondering what step was coming next. I was wishing that I had brought paper and pencil as well. Finally, giving away the large drawings was the icing on the cake. Students in my class got to take home two of the three pieces and they were the envy of everyone. You made a lot of Kids happy and proud that day.

Linda Schmidt – Kyle, Thank you so much for your wonderful presentation with my first grade students. I watched with amazement, as ALL of my students were 100% engaged in the drawing activity. Classroom teachers today have very little time to invest in the creative arts, etc. For this reason, it is always very special when our kids can have an opportunity such as the one you provided. It was particularly good to see your presentation touch those few students with generally low motivation. The hands on guided drawing experience really helped those students who are generally not focused. Everyone was focused! As a teacher, I really appreciated you “classroom management” skills (audience control). You did a fantastic job with a large group of very young children! Good luck on your future endeavors.

Tina Hiatt – I wanted to get back to you with some feedback on the assembly. My class participated in your third grade show, but my daughter also participated in the upper grade level show. I enjoyed the format of your show. The way you simplified drawing into connecting a series of lines and shapes made all kids feel like they could do it. The positive chanting and the rule to have fun and TRY made it clear that they could do it. You also did a great job of having kids “interact” with the process by making big arm movements, or holding the shape in their hand. This was key for some kids to make the connection on their page. I definitely felt the kids enjoyed the show.