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Here’s a TON of elementary school assembly reviews from teachers at Rancho Las Positas Elementary in Livermore, California.

Sue Pierson – I thought the assembly you presented was wonderful.  My kindergarten kids loved it.  You were animated enough to hold their attention. Also,  you reviewed many of the topics from our state standards, such as shapes.  Finally, you did it in a step-by-step format which my students could follow, much like I do directed drawing lessons.  In talking with other teachers, I learned you adapted your lessons to the different grade levels.

Linda Melendez – Thanks you so much for the drawing assembly at our school. My kindergarten students enjoyed it so much and were surprised at how well their drawings turned out. They were actively involved and were proud of their drawings. In kindergarten our recent art lessons have focused on the different types of lines and how you can put them together to make shapes and make a picture. Your assembly reinforced this concept. Your clear directions gave them the tools necessary to draw great pictures!

Nancy Carter – On Friday you came to Rancho Las Positas and presented an art assembly to our children. I was very impressed with your presentation. First of all I would like to compliment you on how well you controlled the group of 174 students that were 1st and 2nd graders! That in itself if a tremendous accomplishment. The children were engaged the whole time as you were taking them step by step through a very exciting drawing lesson. Since the children were so enthralled with what you were doing, I not only had time to observe them but I was able to complete the drawings as I followed your step by step lesson.

I liked how you tied in shapes that we are currently studying with each of the drawings. You related what we were learning in math to the lesson so it not only gave the lesson a hidden purpose but it was fun!

But the thing I liked most about your assembly program was that the children were excited and they FELT like an artist! You made each of us feel SUCCESSFUL and that is what is what is so important to me. You reassured each child that they did not have to have an end product like yours and that they were the artist of their work. I liked how you had them sign each of their pictures. It was funny because as I was going through each picture making sure each student got their own work, one of the pictures was signed Kyle – and I don’t have a Kyle – he had copied your name…..I thought that was rather cute..

I did ask my children how they felt about their art lesson and every hand went up wanting to tell me how much fun they had!!!! So in closing I wish you the best and hope that you are able to return to Rancho at a later date.

Tricia Gallagher –  I am a second grade teacher at Rancho Las Positas. Last Thursday, Nov. 29th, Kyle Tiernan came to our school to conduct a drawing assembly. I was instantly impressed with Kyle’s enthusiasm as well as how he immediately engaged the students with his interactive teaching style. He gave explicit, concise direction which all the students no matter the grade or ability level could follow and be successful. His obvious love of drawing, his fun and easy-to-follow instruction as well as his contagious positive energy ensured that each person left with 3 drawings that he/she was proud of.

I would recommend Kyle’s presentation to anyone who may think that  they do not have an artistic bone in their bodies. Believe me, I was one of those people until after this assembly.  I had just as much fun as each and every child in my class and learned a few tricks as well.

Judy Green – Just wanted you to know how much my students enjoyed the assembly we had yesterday.  They were all very proud of the work they did and very happy that indeed they could really draw.  I told them they could color them in during the day sometime and most did.

You were excellent as a presenter.  You had them all eating out of your artistic hands.  They were well behaved and attentive and it’s my opinion that you have excellent crowd control-they felt that they were involved with you every step of the way.  By the way, I enjoyed you also.  It was relaxing for me to watch, and listen and not have to worry about anyone not paying attention!

Allison Gomes – You gave a school assembly presentation at Rancho school in Livermore, Ca. this past week. I want to commend you on the superb job you did! Due to scheduling conflicts, 2 kindergarten classes had to go with a higher level presentation ( 3rd grade I think? ). Anyways, your enthusiasm and easy way of presenting made it very easy for my students to keep up, draw the pictures and feel good about themselves at the same time! My son happened to be sitting across from me ( he’s in the other kgn. class ) and I could tell he was really enjoying himself! He had me hang his pictures up in his room when we got home and it was very special for me to participate with him in this special assembly. thank you so much!

Amy Dupuis – Thanks so much for coming to our school to share your wonderful talent with our students and teachers.  This was a huge value to our students and staff.  Your presentation and connection with the students was excellent.  You easily kept the students engaged while providing them with a fun introduction to drawing.

Your skill set was very appropriate for the audience and the students and teachers alike, were easily able to stay focused and follow along.  Your positive and upbeat nature only enhanced the presentation.  You definitely taught and spoke at a level that kept the students entertained.  All the students were so proud of their work.  I am a mother of a first and third grader (as well as a teacher) at Rancho.  Your presentation was the first thing both kids shared with me about their day.  They had a great time.

Your ideas and thoughtfulness definitely ensured the students that if they keep trying and practicing, they can do it.  I would definitely recommend your presentation to any school.  Thanks so much for  coming to Rancho.

Lori Kenward – My first graders were excited and enthused to draw with you. We do a lot of M**art in the classroom, so they were used to drawing the way you did it. It was good for me to do it with you, as I refreshed my memory of what it is like to be the student. I was pleased to see your management of the students with your clear instructions and sounds. They love copying sounds and actions, so keep that up, it is effective.

Your choice of characters to draw were interesting and funny. Kids like that, too!  Your pacing was good. None of my students “hit the wall” or stopped due to frustration. They kept drawing.

Mary Bitzer – You were at our school today and I wanted to say how impressed I was with your presentation. The students had a great time and couldn’t stop talking about their pictures when they got back to class. Your assembly presentation was organized, informative and energetic. We do directed drawing in the classroom and it was nice to get some professional tips on drawing that I can incorporate into my lessons, most specifically how to draw something with a three dimensional look. Thank you so much for your time and effort. This assembly was well worth it.

Theresa Mastrantonio – The drawing assembly with Kyle Tiernan today was excellent.  I draw with my students often, so I especially enjoyed the opportunity to join them in a drawing experience.  The instruction was excellent, Kyle taught to every modality, and all the students were successful.  I really appreciated the opportunity to watch someone else teach something in a new way, and I plan on using many of his techniques in my own teaching.

The products (drawings) were really good, and the students are so excited to show them off!

Stacy Krimetz – My class and I had eagerly awaited your drawing class and it lived up to our expectaions!  All 20 of my 2nd and 3rd graders were actively involved the entire 45 minutes. We secretly carried our drawings back to class where everyone secretly selected their 2 favorite drawings. We then stood in a circle and on the count of 3 we all turned our papers around. What fun! There were lots of comments and comparisons-in a very healthy way.

For tonight’s homework, I assigned the one you gave them. They are to color their favorite drawing, try to teach someone in their house to draw something and bring one of the drawings to school to share tomorrow. Over 90% of my class will complete that assignment.

I got some wonderful ideas for doing drawing activities in my class-and I am not particularly comfortable teaching drawing-but my class and I will enjoy some camaraderie as we review some of the skills you taught us today. Thank you.