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Rolling Hills Elementary (in Poway, California) had lots to say about the draw along school assemblies and Family Drawing Night!

Chiara Lawless – Hi Kyle,  My class loved your art assembly!  All students were engaged in drawing.  It was great to see how you broke down the steps for drawing to basic shapes and lines. Shapes are a familiar tool so they didn’t feel like they couldn’t do the drawing.This helped all students achieve success with their drawings!

From the beginning you had great management of your audience.  By asking questions the students remained focused and ready for the next step.

When we returned to class they were eager to share their art work with their classmates.  We had an art parade so everyone in the class could see each others work.  After school they were proudly showing their art work to their parents and telling them to come tonight for more art.

Junko Kajita – My class and I truly enjoyed your assembly. Today we wrote opinion papers on whether or not they liked your assembly. It was an overwhelming “We liked it!”. Many of them attended your evening assembly. They enjoyed drawing along with you, your jokes, and the fact that they were impressed with what they drew. They also learned some interesting facts about whales. I was impressed by how you were able to keep all the children from K to 2nd engaged and entertained!

Cindy Watson –  I teach 3rd grade here at Rolling Hills. The kiddos were very motivated and inspired by your Art Assembly. They felt proud of the drawings they took home to share with family today.

I appreciated your fast-paced, interactive and humorous approach while working with the students. You had approximated 220 third, fourth and fifth grade students in your audience and held them captive the entire 45 minutes with your 3 different drawing lessons. And . . . thank you for using specific art/academic vocabulary in a kid-friendly way!

Becky Golden – My students enjoyed the drawing assembly immensely!  Each one of them left excited and proud to have produced their own pieces of “art.”  Your energy, quick-pacing, and age-appropriate humor kept my kids thoroughly engaged through the entire process.  I was particulary happy to hear you use grade-level math terms such as “parallel” and “perpendicular” as you guided them through the drawing process.  I believe that all of my students now have a better understanding of how to draw three-dimensional shapes–and have fun doing it!

Jan Gray – My class thoroughly enjoy the art lessons today.  I liked the way you incorporate math and science standards into your presentation.  It also went with one of my writing standards of How to…  You were able to keep their attention with the physical moments that you did with them.  They came back to class and were very excited to take these home to show their parents.