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Kyle Tiernan’s elementary school assemblies are reviewed by Ruben Johnson Elementary School teachers in McKinney, Texas!

Julie Leal –  My students thoroughly enjoyed your presentation. Drawing is always a highly motivating experience. I am currently reading a book that supports the notion of drawing as a prewrite strategy in the writing process. Your presentation helped give some specific skill development to enable my “writers” to draw better. We refer to this as, “sketch to stretch” as referred to in Ralph Fletcher’s latest book, Boy Writers: Reclaiming Their Voices.

What I was very impressed with was your ability to manage 400+ kids at one sitting.

You had a high-level of engagement, participation and follow-through. You simplified the drawing “marks” or strokes into 3 easily performed actions, “C,S, I”. I would love to see a how to book that breaks the animals down into steps. Perhaps something you’ve published? My “writers” love to see models in the real-world.

I love how you made drawing whimsical and well, look so easy. Your presentation was empowering for budding artists!

Jan Sullivan – I think you did an awesome job with the K-2 students at RJE.  I have never seen that many students paying that much attention during an assembly.  Thank you for keeping them involved and interested.  You did an awesome job.

Ricki Marcum – Your assembly program was outstanding.  You had good control of the students. (I was in the k-2 group) Your steps were easy to follow and even my K kids were successful!  You should make a book “You can draw…..” and put step by step instructions!  If you do, I want one!

Lee Stern – I enjoyed your program. I am not artistic, so it was fun to follow your directions. I was surprised to see that even I could draw. I thought that the kids were engaged and attentive. They loved the activities.