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Staff members of Salt Creek Elementary (in Chula Vista, California) share their thoughts about my elementary school assemblies and the positive impact it had on their kids!

Robin M. Jones – I’m a Kindergarten teacher at Salt Creek Elementary and we loved your assembly! Most of my students were able to follow your instructions and enjoyed their time with you. I have implemented some of your techniques and I learned from your seminar as well.

Lucas LeardMann – I thought you did a fantastic job with the Drawing Secrets…Revealed assembly at our school. It is no small task  to keep over 300 3rd and 4th graders engaged, and you did it convincingly! They loved the art they produced, and shoot even I liked drawing along with you and seeing how my cartoons came out. I wish we could have more assemblies like this.

Cheryl Basto – Thank you for your awesome presentation!  My 5th grade students really enjoyed drawing with you.  This assembly was valuable to them because it showed them ANYONE can draw.   I loved that this was a hands-on experience for them.