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Two teachers in Huntington Beach, at Schroeder Elementary, review Kyle Tiernan’s school assemblies.

Vickie Hungerford –
You were very engaging and entertaining when you visited our school yesterday.  We had over 250 kids in there for each assembly and yet you managed to keep them involved and interested.  The kids were very proud of their drawings.  Unfortunately, our budgets and our time do not allow us to spend a lot of time on art, and frankly, it lies outside of the expertise that most of us have.  It was well worth an hour to allow the kids to rediscover how much fun simple drawing can be.  Thanks for sharing your time and talent with us.

Phyllis Trgo – 
I am a Kindergarten Teacher at Schroeder and really enjoyed yesterday’s assembly. The children were able to follow along with you and did great drawings! I was surprised at how well behaved they were. There was definately a high level of audience control and an incredible amount of audience interaction. You certainly have a way with young children. The assembly was beneficial to them because they all were able to achieve a higher level of success while drawing than they usually do.