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Here’s a couple testimonials from Turner Elementary about my semi-famous elementary school assembly programs.

Diane Andrews – The assembly today was wonderful!  Several of my students struggle with the academics of school yet are so talented in art.  Because we are mainly teaching reading and math these days, these students never get to shine. 

Today was different! 

My “top” students were in awe of some of the other’s drawings.  My lower students were given a chance to really feel good about themselves, something that doesn’t happen too often.

You had great crowd control, which is saying a lot with our group.  The kids came away with great pictures, that they drew, and a feeling of pride in what they had accomplished.  I really feel this is one of the best received assemblies we have had.  I hope we get a chance to have you back next year.

Marla Plurkowski – I am a first grade teacher and my students really liked your assembly!  All of my students were actively engaged and each of them felt very successful.  I was kidding them afterwards that they could not tell me anymore the old, “I can’t draw”! All my students were very proud of their drawings. 

I felt that your crowd control was great!  You kept the students on task and quiet so that they could hear you at all times.  I liked your cues for the students to get their attention.  It is really unfortunate that art and drawing is almost gone in our schools today.  You have helped bring it back!  I would definitely recommend this assembly to any school!

Christina MacAlvey – I would like to thank you for the awesome assembly today!  I am glad that my students had the opportunity to explore their creative side.  The children were excited to share their drawings and to take them home to color them.    It would also be great to extend the projects with  a creative writing in the classroom.

Your management of the kids during the assembly was great.  I was impressed to see how engaged the Kinder, 1st and 2nd grade students were throughout the entire assembly.  You demonstrated some great management ideas that we could use in the classroom.