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Here’s some testimonials about my school assembly programs from Westlake Hills, California.

Jill Abourisk – I just wanted to get back to you re: the assembly this past Friday.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I thought your audience control was great.  All of my students were actively engaged. (Including my 2 special needs students.)  Every child felt successful in their artwork.  Your positive approach was quite refreshing.  I feel lucky to have been a participant in your assembly!!!

Erin Anderson – First of all, you had great command of the students from the start. You drew their attention and they followed your lead.

Your colored example pictures were great! I was very impressed with your talent and the students commented on how wonderful they were when we returned to class. Your step-by-step approach to teaching art was helpful, especially for those who did not feel that they were talented in art. You inspired them and made them feel good about themselves and their abilities.

Overall, I thought your assembly was a wonderful change from the typical assembly schools present these days. You focused on the abilities of the children,…. and that’s what really counts.

Mia Solarez – The students really enjoyed the assembly.  It was fun and you walked them through simple steps to help them feel successful.  I have a few students who don’t like to do art, and yet, they were two of the first students to ask if they could color in their drawings at recess. 

My students also were excited to share their art work with one another and some of the students even gave me one of their drawings.  Kindergarten, first and second graders are easily distracted and can get restless if asked to sit for a long period of time (which can even be about 8 minutes!) and you did a great job of keeping their focus and attention.