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Braly Elementary School teachers have the following things to say about my draw along school assembly programs…

Kristina Chang –  I really appreciated the art assembly you shared with our upper grade students last Friday, January 22nd.  My 5th graders enjoyed what you taught them and were engaged the whole time.  Great verbal and physical interaction with the audience.  They were able to follow your clear instructions and had fun creating funny drawings.  The references you made to their favorite cartoons, books, etc were appropriate and they knew exactly what you were talking about.  Everyone was able to keep up well and management was not a problem.  Most kids are not familiar with drawing in 3-D, so it was neat to see them learn something new.  I had fun drawing along with you too!

This was a good use of time (some assemblies are pointless and a waste of our academic time, to be honest).  Thank you for sharing your talents and storytelling with us.  I’d highly recommend your assembly!

 Annabel Forbes Wond – This was an excellent draw along assembly.  My Kindergarten students were thoroughly engaged the whole time.  Kyle has excellent strategies to keep the students focused and enthusiastic.  My students were able to do the drawings and were very excited about the process.  This was one of the most interactive assemblies that we have had at our school.  It was just the right amount of time and drawing.  Kyle had great time management during the assembly.  I would highly recommend this assembly to other schools.  We really enjoyed it!  Thanks so much!

Katie Gimenez –  I have never seen the students so engaged in an assembly before, they were all so impressed with your drawings and anxious to learn how you do what you do.  We came back to the classroom and I gave the students some time to color their drawings or experiment with new drawings.  You could hear a pin drop in the room!  I think this gave some students who do not normally feel successful with academics the opportunity to have some confidence and feel good about themselves.  Due to you walking them through step by step, everyone was able to create a great picture.  They also mentioned that it was so relaxing to draw and color.  In this day and age of video games and GO GO GO, these kids need something that will help relieve some stress and calm them down.

The pacing of the assembly was great, they kids were able to keep up just fine.  You controlled them very nicely with your references to kid-like things and stories about your childhood.  It was such a great experience altogether.  I know my students have never had anything like this before and they would love to have you come back and teach them more!  Thank you so much for your time and for sharing your drawing and skills with us!