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Check out what teachers at Cawston Elementary School have said about Kyle Tiernan’s how to draw school assembly!

Mrs. Ramirez – I am a first grade teacher over at Cawston Elementary School. I just wanted to let you know that my first graders had a great time at the assembly. They were completely engaged and were so proud of their artwork by the time they had finished. You had great behavior management skills that kept the students focused and out of trouble. And because I did not have to watch my student’s behavior so carefully, I was even able to draw along with you and the students. Thank you so much for such a great assembly! I hope that we will see you here next school year!

Dustin Holsapple – The assembly we had was great! Kyle has a great way of bringing the children back to him to listen for the next direction. The students at our assembly were so focused. My students did a wonderful job on their pictures and their parents were amazed at what they could do. My students were so excited to see that they could draw. Kyle did an amazing job at making the directions understandable for all ages Kindergarten through Fifth grade. Even the teachers had a blast drawing with Kyle. Kyle is AWESOME at what he does.

Fai Bega – I was extremely impressed with your presentation at school today. (In fact we all were, it was a topic in the lunchroom). You engaged each one of my students for the full 45 minutes. Even though they were excited, your were able to always regain their attention by using your clever hand signal. My students LOVED what they created and were proud to show off their artistic ability.

I saw Kindergarden student’s work as well as my own second graders’ drawings and they all were able to follow along with you. Unfortunately, because teachers are under so much pressure to meet the standards we often have to cut out art. Your presentation was a wonderful way for students to follow a guided lesson while also having fun and creating something they are proud of.

Chris Kemmerer – The children really enjoyed the assembly. When I brought my kids back to class, we had some extra time before lunch, so i asked them if they would like to color their pictures. They were very excited. We don’t get a chance to do art with all of the state’s requirements. I especially liked your introduction. When you told the kids that each person is talented in different ways and no two drawings will look alike. Kids these days are constantly comparing themselves to each other and need to be reminded that it’s okay to not be like everyone else. You did a great job with audience control. In any other assembly, they don’t get to interact as much, maybe 5-10 students get picked out of the 300 that were there, but in yours they were all learning hands-on which I think is the best way for someone to learn. Especially art. My master’s thesis was about art influencing core curriculum. So any time we can get the kids interested in it, I say do it.

Alyssa Westmoreland – Kyle you are amazing with the students. You kept my first graders engaged throughout the entire assembly. Your techniques for keeping a room full of young students attentive and listening was great. I have actually stolen some of your techniques and brought them into my own classroom.

Not only did you have a great presence with the kids but their drawings came out wonderful. All the students were so proud of what they had done. All my students couldn’t wait to come back to class and color them and give them background!

 Tracy Roland –  I LOVED your assembly yesterday. I think the teachers enjoyed following along and drawing with you as much as the students did! As a teacher, I liked the fact that you used “teaching vocabulary” such as symmetry and angles while teaching the students how to draw. I also liked the assembly management skills that you used. Your constant silly stories, (fish ice cream…..dust bunnies…etc.) hand motions with the kids, and verbal interaction, kept the kids engaged during the entire assembly.

In addition, I loved the fact that the kids walked away with their own drawings to go home and show their parents. I hope that our PTA arranges for you to visit our school again next year!