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Elementary school teachers from Eisenhut (out by Modesto) comment on this fully interactive, draw-along school assembly.

Gaylyn Fleeman – I was very curious about how a drawing assembly was going to work with my kindergarten students and I must say, “WOW!!” I was PLEASANTLY surprised! You have a natural way with communicating to children and maintaining control of a large group. I loved the little added touches about learning “numero uno” from Dora the Explorer! My students’ faces lit up when they realized the you “watch Dora, too!” lol! And seeing there drawings at the end of the assembly MADE MY DAY! (and theirs, too!)

Denise Carlson-Nieto I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation to our intermediate students. You taught vocabulary and kept them interested the whole time. We could have easily sat all day listening to you. Your knowledge of the kids and their interests made it that much better! Thank you for such an outstanding presentation! Please come again!

Joanne Tumbarello – Kyle’s Cartoon Platoon assembly was a privilege to watch. From the beginning, the assembly had the students engaged using many excellent teaching practices. He kept the students motivated by asking them to respond to questions chorally and continually giving them positive feedback. He was personable, funny, and related to both the intermediate and primary students. They student came out smiling with great cartoons to take home.

Even more remarkably, Kyle provided each teacher with clear, detailed preassembly instructions. These instructions allowed the students to fully enjoy Kyle’s presentation while learning a great deal about cartooning and art.

I was really impressed with his professionalism. I look forward to seeing his assembly again.

Linda Fredericks – What a wonderful assembly our students (and teachers!) enjoyed today. My 6th graders were totally involved with you from the very beginning, through your entire presentation. They were so excited to feel successful at drawing! I’m sure they did not realize the level of specific vocabulary you were exposing them to in a very comprehensible way. The instructions were so clear and expressed in a way that really communicated on the students’ level. Your humor and pace of presentation also helped keep everyone’s attention. I can’t remember an assembly where EVERY student behaved well. They were so busy being involved they forgot to misbehave! 🙂

You have great “teacher skills” as far as keeping everyone focused – use of active participation strategies were abundant.

Teachers were talking about the assembly at lunch today and it was said, “That was a fast hour, to be sure.” We will definitely be campaigning to have you return next year. It was a joy.

Toni Easterday – Every single one of my students who attended the assembly today was engaged and absolutely LOVED everything about it. You, as a presenter, spoke to them in a way that kept their attention, yet humored them at the same time. Their participation was there from beginning to end. Each student was proud of his/her drawings and wanted to share them with the class. Those who dread any time we do art or illustrating had such a feeling of accomplishment and couldn’t wait to show their family and/or friends.

I can’t remember an assembly where my class, and myself, felt so engaged, had fun, and was ready to share what we learned with others. What a great lead into a classroom discussion this led to on “You can do anything, if you believe in yourself.” Thank you so much for giving your time to give children such a wonderful gift.