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Testimonials from Gomes Elementary where the teachers were thrilled with Kyle Tiernan’s draw-along elementary school assemblies!

Eric Lee – Great job with the assembly. The kids were definitely on task, and enjoyed the drawing lessons. It’s amazing that you can keep the students motivated and keep them well managed at the same time. I like the way you made sure each assembly had grade level appropriate, yet challenging drawing tasks. I do a lot of drawing and perspective work with my kids, so this assembly was particularly enjoyable for my kids. Thanks for a job well done!

Wendy Mukai – I teach at Gomes Elementary School. I attended (and participated in) your assembly on Friday. You are AMAZING! What a GREAT assembly, my 2nd graders were so excited about drawing, every free minute of the rest of the day they were adding color and side drawings to the drawing that you gave them! Thank you! I haven’t been to such an exciting assembly in years!

Diana Rodrigues – Great assembly! I was really worried about this assembly especially when each child was asked to bring paper and pencil. I thought my kids were going to be WILD. But in all honesty, you had my most difficult child engaged and enjoying himself! I never had to remind anyone to stop talking or get to work. Also your management skills with the kids was fantastic!

Jennifer Bernstein – Kyle Tiernan’s “Drawing Secrets Revealed” was the best assembly this year by far. Usually, I have several students who are disruptive and bored during assemblies. Every single one of my students was engaged and excited throughout Kyle’s drawing assembly. The students were so excited to show their drawings to everyone, their friends, myself, other teachers and family! Students who normally felt they “couldn’t draw” felt confident. Kyle teaches students to draw by using simple shapes and fun stories. I love how my kids felt happy and confident. I highly recommend this assembly to all elementary schools everywhere!”

Ann Mansell – Wow, what a great assembly. My 4th grade students were so engaged during the entire assembly, and they would have stayed longer, had you given them the opportunity. When we returned to the classroom, they loved sharing their drawings with each other, and since I participated too, they critiqued mine as well. Your interactive program enabled all the students to produce their very own artwork, and you also gave them some tips on drawing that they will be able to use in the future. I spoke with some teachers from different grade levels, and they told me that you did different drawings during each assembly, which makes it nice, especially if you return to our school in the coming years. Thank you for bringing this program to our school. I look forward to another assembly from you in the coming years.

Felina Strait – I was amazed at the quality of your assembly today, May 30th. I have never seen my first graders so engaged – even when I’m trying my all. It was wonderful to see a crowd of about 340 K-2nd graders having such a great time with a directed activity!! All three of the drawings you did with them turned out SO well. I got the biggest kick out of your dust bunny – it left me with tears in my eyes – SUPER CUTE!! The best thing was that they were all proud of their own drawings and couldn’t wait to collect some dust bunnies at home… Thank you for what you do – the kids need it!

Sze-lung Tsai – The assembly was excellent. The students were attentive and actively drawing. I felt that the stories for each drawing really helped to keep them engaged. Having teachers follow along was a wonderful idea! The students couldn’t wait to see what I had drawn, and they were impressed. I thought the assembly was wonderfully done!