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Here’s three rapid-fire testimonials from Hale Curran about my draw-along school assemblies!

Terri Schilling – 
My students loved the drawing assembly. They were so engaged that I was able to draw along and enjoy it too. I cannot draw, but Kyle made me believe that I can. My drawings even impressed my family.

Kim Chevlin – 
Wow!  I was amazed that you were able to successfully captivate 200 students for 45 minutes.  You have some great techniques for getting them involved in the lesson.  They loved their pictures and were excited to color them in class.  Great job.

Gail Peppler – 
Thank you very much for the wonderful assembly today.  My fourth grade students loved it!  You did such a great job of keeping their attention.  My own three children attend Curran as well and they couldn’t stop talking about how great you were.