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One of my all time favorite schools I’ve ever performed at is Hunt Elementary in Puyallup, Washington.

Sue Neil – 
Our 5th grade class wanted to thank you for the terrific assemble and lessons on drawing!  The students wee totally engaged.  It was fun watching the joy on their faces and the amazement when they could actually produce something.  I too was amazed at myself.  My husband is an artist so for me to even try to draw (I usually try to protect my self esteem!) is a step in the right direction.  I didn’t do too bad!:):):):)

What was amazing was your control over the students.  Keeping them focused and on task.  Thank you for that.  We have had other assemblies where the presenters do not really know how to handle kids in a crowd. They ask questions where kids can blurt out the answer etc…. and then all control is lost.  You were awesome!  I had a PTA parent come in and ask the students and they all shared positive thoughts and many said they were attending tonight!

Thanks again for such a positive experience for our students at Hunt Elementary.

 Patricia Punzi – 
Thanks so much for coming to our school. I felt that your assembly was worthwhile for all of the students. These days, students don’t have art class in elementary and we, as teachers, have to try to “fit it in” to math, reading, social studies, science, and writing classes. Now, I have an arts background so for me, it’s quite easy to do. I know for other teachers it’s more difficult.

It was fun to watch how basic drawing truly is (this was also something I learned in college and at Disneyland during a drawing class). Most kids think they can’t draw but you were able to show them that drawing something well is possible. I had wished that we could’ve spent more time with you that day. I know the kids were talking about the experience all day long.

Thanks again for showing our kids another aspect of the arts and providing some fun in their day.

 Jodi Thompson – 
Thank you so much for coming and sharing your drawing talents with our students.  The kids LOVED your presentation and your “hands-on” approach!  I appreciated your organization and your ability to keep kids engaged and involved.

While we are definately a school focused on every bit of learning time, this was a valuable use of our time.  Art gives students a chance to explore their creativity and being successful at the projects you presented really boosted their self-confidence.