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Here’s testimonials, comments and quotes about my elementary school assemblies from Jackson Avenue up in Livermore, California.

Kelly Dohmann – I normally do not like assemblies. Yours, was well worth it. You do a great job with the kids. I liked the fact that you went slow so that everyone could follow along, even the ones saying that they could not draw, they did!!

I think the most important part of your presentation was your ability to talk with the kids, you were on their level. You were able to keep their interest and keep them on task. When some were going off task, you were able to bring them right back. It was good that you tied your drawings to current information that the kids know. If I was asked if we should have you again for an assembly, I would have to say, “YES!”

Alison Dozier – I attended your presentation at Jackson today. I think you did a great job. You held the students attention very well. They were fully engaged. I noticed that you told the students to hold their hands in the air or make motions with their hands, just at the time the crowd was getting a little noisy. That was a great technigue for crowd control. When students got back to class they were amazed at how good their drawings were. They immediately wanted to color them in. The assembly inspired them to want to draw more, and I will add more drawing into my curriculum to keep the excitement going. Thank you, I would definitely recommend the presentation to others.

Meg Swant – Our students and teachers are STILL talking about the wonderful and educational assemblies you gave at our school last Friday. Many people commented they had never drawn anything more than a stick person and now they could draw real pictures. Thank you so much for the presenting such an engaging assembly. I am amazed at how you kept the students’ attention and helped them realize they could do anything they wanted. I was also fascinated at how you made age appropriate changes to the three student assemblies, and how you were able to make last-minute modifications to the family event when you saw the majority of the students were very young. Thank you again for sharing your talents with our school. I look forward to seeing you again, either in our summer school program, or in a repeat performance for our students.

Lynne Swant – I can’t believe I’m drawing” is a thought that was going through my mind as I sat in the multipurpose room at school for the community assembly Kyle gave. I don’t consider myself an artist. A musician, yes, but never an artist. His straightforward directions made the whole process simple for the youngest students up to the adults. I had so much fun drawing that I plan on continuing to draw using the techniques he taught us. This guy is one of the most amazing people you’ll ever meet. You will have all your students and teachers drawing along and the spark of creativity will come alive throughout your school.

Karen Martin – I think you did a fabulous job with the kids on Friday. They really enjoyed your show and all of them were able to do your drawings with you. I felt you were able to control the audience and they were very focused. I felt the students felt they could draw great pictures too and I think many were surprised at what they could do.

Barbara Claus – Kyle, your presentations were the best. All of my K’s pictures were easy to identify and I was amazed that mine were pretty good. I attended the night performance too and everyone is talking about it. One of my little ones won a picture, she is thrilled. Your control of the audience was fantastic. Thank you so much!

Holly Hamilton – I thought the assembly was great. My second graders really enjoyed it and most of them were able to do the drawings with no problem. I think it boosted their confidence to be able to create something they were proud of.

Karen Smith – I thought your show was great! We have a “special day class” of below-grade-level 1st graders. Following directions is often extremely difficult for them, and many have a very low frustration level. Each and every one of them followed your directions perfectly – and we came back to the classroom with 2 awesome pictures from each of them for our “undersea mural.”

Whatever your “secret” is – I’ve already decided to try to include similar (though probably not as ENTERTAINING as you haha) step-by-step drawing lessons in our classroom curriculum.

Shari Bury –  Dear Kyle, Thanks for the fun and educational assembly this morning. My class was drawn in from the moment you began. I loved the way you kept their attention while you taught them basics of drawing and some comical additions.

Marsha Nishikawa – My class, 5th graders, really loved the assembly on drawing. So many times, kids say they cannot draw, you proved them wrong, now they are all capable of drawing. Hopefully, this will help them in the future. Your timing was good, and overall management was excellent. The students really listened to you and they became quiet when you asked them too. Overall, I felt the assembly was marvelous. Thanks again.