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Staff from Jefferson Elementary of Natomas Unified share their thoughts about this wonderful California elementary school assembly!

Kristin Ayers – I am a kindergarten teacher at Jefferson. I was skeptical about the assembly for the kindergartners. I know they can follow along but I was really worried about their confidence level. Your directions and excitement was enough to get them through the drawing lessons without one single , “I can’t do this!” whine. Instead I heard lots of “Wow!” and “Look, Mrs. Ayers!” I was very impressed and pleased to see that all of my students ended up with work that they were extremely proud of. Thank you for tayloring it to all kids and ability levels.

Courtnay Kaump – My fourth grade students enjoyed the show very much. I was very impressed by the way you were able to keep them focused and on task. My students especially enjoyed your sense of humor. I am often telling them similar stories to keep them focused on the task at hand. Several of my students informed me that they would like to draw cars, trains etc. Some of the girls wanted to draw flowers or girlie stuff. I realize with a mix crowd it is hard to please them all. The speed of the show was perfect. In fact, I think you could go a little faster for the 3,4, 5 graders.

I thought the assembly was very educational and provided an art lesson that I don’t have time to teach in the classroom.

Amber Allison – Thank you for taking the time to come to our school. Your assembly was a fun break from other assemblies where we just watch and listen.

I teach kindergarten and as I am sure you are aware, their attention span is very limited. I think you did a great job keeping my students attention, and kept them very entertained throughout the assembly. You did a wonderful job explaining each step and kept a pace that was very appropriate for the age group. I would recommend your assembly to anyone!

Felipe Ferraz – As a teacher of very young English Language Learners, I’d like to thank you for a well organized, timed, and delivered presentation. Your drawing assembly was wonderful. Our students have limited, while varied, levels of ability understanding English. The language backgrounds in our classes include Spanish, Punjabi, Urdu, Mandarin, and Japanese. Their conversational level is higher than their academic language level, as it is the norm. You were able to keep them connected to the activity with no need of reminders about appropriate behavior. The children, from K to 5th grade, were able to follow along at their varied levels of drawing ability with amazing results. Your presentation was clear, with concise statements about each step.

The children, and the teachers, were able to enjoy this peaceful time of drawing. We were not busy with disruptions and other discipline problems, and could focus on drawing itself. That was refreshing, and it made us able to send children home with the beautiful drawings.

The next day, both my partner, morning Kindergarten teacher, and I followed up with more directed drawings. You helped empower us, teachers and children alike to represent the world by drawing.

Amy Hopkins – I thought your school assembly was wonderful!

  • It gave art experience to all… from the “artistically disabled” to the natural artist
  •  Your behavior management techniques were perfect for your presentation.
  • You were positive, motivating, and encouraging.
  • You dropped any and all “fear barriers” prior to any artwork.
  • Your presentation was incremental in that you started with what you knew the students knew (simple shapes) and broadened the art skills to more difficult techniques.
  • I also liked the pre- and post-flyers, preparing us (teachers) for what was to come and for following up with us for a reflection.
  • Your pace seemed a bit too fast… but it appeared that all my students were able to keep up and I realized it was actually spot on! I was pretty impressed… with you and with them. : )