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Janice Hoag – a teacher at Lasselle Elementary – shares her opinion about Kyle Tiernan’s how to draw school assemblies, and you won’t want to miss out on what she says!

Your assembly was definitely the best we have had this year.  The kids were extremely engaged, your directions were very easy to follow, and I was really amazed at how great their drawings turned out!   You did a great job of managing the kids, something that is really hard to do during assemblies, especially since it is the end of the school year for us.  I loved the interactivity of repeating after you because it kept the kids very alert to what you were doing and gave them “permission” to talk, which actually led to less unauthorized talking.  Also, you reached them on their own level, i.e., talking about cartoons that they are all familiar with.

I would highly recommend your assembly to any school, particularly in light of the fact that we focus so much on standards and testing and don’t spend a lot of time on things like art and music.  However, with that said, you managed to sneak several standards by them in this assembly by reinforcing things like geometrical shapes that you used in drawing!