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Lime Street School (in Hesperia, California) has had my draw-along elementary school assemblies at their site for several years in a row.  Check out what their teachers said:

Jessica Clausnitzer – Your assembly for our Serendipity Day was excellent! Your management skills are super, and the kids were on task and interested. The language you used was standards based. I loved that you used body language to teach new vocabulary like “arch.” As I looked around, not only were ALL the students drawing, but a huge percentage of the teachers were drawing too! I am so glad we had you as a big part of our day.

 Mrs. Tracy Green – I was at the assembly on Friday, May 16th with my first grade class. You did such a wonderful job of interacting with the kids and having fun, too. I was very happy to see my class engaged and excited about drawing. Thank you for coming to our school and good luck in the future!