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Here’s a nice letter I received after my draw-along elementary school assemblies rocked Literacy First Charter!

Gail Freeborn – I am a second grade teacher at Literacy First Charter School, and I was in the assembly on Friday. I just want you to know I thought your entire assembly was excellent! I was entertained, had fun, and LOVED watching my students so involved. They were so excited about drawing, and could not wait to show their parents (or anyone who would look really- their drawings.) I loved that you had completed artwork out for the students to see and that you explained the different parts in lay mans terms for the students to understand. You made drawing easy and made every child- from K-3 feel like they were a famous artist. You made the assembly fun and there was never a dull moment. I liked your control over the audience, your constant use of motions to get and keep students attention was excellent.

In all, I thoroughly enjoyed the assembly as did my students, and we would love for you to come back at any time!!