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All the way from Santa Rosa, California, teachers from Madrone Elementary have some great things to say about this school assembly…

Rebecca Harris – The students and teachers at our school LOVED your assembly.

It was so nice to have an assembly where the students had something to bring home that they could share with their families and friends. You did a wonderful job with keeping the students engaged and entertained. Many of my students were excited because you taught them to draw “exciting” pictures that they could now teach someone else to draw. Many of the teachers were also pleased with what they were able to draw! I hope that we see you back again at our school next year. Thank you for the great assembly!

Lene Vallelunga – I am a 4th grade teacher at Madrone School . I thought you ran an excellent assembly. It was definitely better than most and I’ve been teaching for 35 years and seen them all. The kids were involved and your speed and pacing was great.

Larkin Simpson – I just wanted to write a quick thank you for the assembly. It was awesome! They were actively engaged and really liked the drawing tecniques you taught them. The noises and hand movements you had the students do kept their bottoms on the floor and their eyes on you. I actually saw all of my students smiling and working hard throughout the entire assembly. They were very proud of their drawings. Not only did it give the students a much needed break from our rigorous curriculum, but, the kids loved it, and so did I. I have never been much of an artist. So, thanks again, and do you have an actual address, my students would like to write thank you letters.