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Maeola Beitzel Elementary School has had my elementary school assemblies several times and each time I get great letters, emails and notes like these:

Susan Welence – I want to say I was a bit skeptical when I saw the title of the assembly. I teach kindergartners and I didn’t think this would be grade appropriate for our littlest students.

You proved me wrong! The kids were totally enthralled with your assembly presentation. They were able to do everything you asked of them and were mesmerized by your techniques and audience control. They came back to my classroom excited to show me their drawings and when they walked out of the classroom they ran to their parents to show them what they had accomplished. My parents were amazed that their 5 and 6 year olds could draw so well. I was amazed as well at how accurately you guided them through the successful lesson. This was the best assembly we ever had! 

Thanks for a great job and I wish you could come and have a workshop for just the teachers to share some of your magic. I need direct drawing instruction as much as they do. If you could impart some of your wisdom with teachers our lessons and art work would be improved immeasurably!

Becky Burkes – I wanted to let you know how much my class enjoyed the assembly. We drew the pirate and island which were challenging enough to keep their attention, but not too hard to lose them. They all really enjoyed it and the pictures turned out great!

Linda Kobrock – My first grade students loved doing the drawings! I think your directions were clear and kid friendly. Most of the students’ drawings resembled yours.  I remembered your presentation from last year and I enjoyed this year’s even more. Your drawing assembly encouraged kids to draw and they felt successful. My students couldn’t wait to take their pictures home. Today one of my boys brought me the penguin picture he had drawn and then colored. He was so excited that he drew another penguin.

The drawing assembly helped to brings the arts alive for many students who are afraid to draw. Thanks you for bringing that bit of encouragement to our students.