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My elementary school assembly received wonderful praise from several teachers at Maloney Elementary in Fremont…

Sheila Friedle – Thank you for coming to our school for the “Drawing Secrets Revealed” Assembly. I have to say that even as a teacher I was very entertained! I have never been particularly good at drawing, and I have mentioned that to my class on a few occasions. It always bothers me because I don’t want them to think they can’t do it either. Going to your assembly made drawing fun and exciting! Even I felt successful! It was a great opportunity for students to express themselves in ways they don’t often get to at school. They loved being able to share their work with me and with their families. Thank you again for being such an inspiration to my students…and I! 🙂

Candice Harvey – All the students in my class were able to follow along, even students who have a hard time reading and writing. The art lesson was easy for them to follow. Audience control was very good, you had some good techniques to keep them focused and quiet for such a large group of elementary children.

 Art is not offered in many schools and your lesson will be something they can re-use; I plan to re-teach them from my notes how to draw these characters again.

Michelle Snowden – Your wonderful lesson that makes drawing approachable and easy for kids was the perfect reinforcement for my lesson plans. Every student was engaged. We have a very diverse classroom, with students at every level of language acquisition, with abilities ranging from special ed to GATE. I think every student will be able to apply your lesson to their understanding of the story. In addition, I will later have them write their own tall tales illustrated with their original cartoon characters. For some of my students who lack verbal expression in English, this will be a great way to show they know the elements of a story.

 Audience control was terrific, even at the end of a trying day (5th and 6th graders had “Family Life” films today — usually a difficult act to follow!) I believe this lesson will benefit them by reinforcing what I have taught about drawing, improving upon and simplifying drawing, and making it 100% approachable by all students. It was wonderful that all willingly chose and were able to participate.