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McKinley Elementary School teachers fell in love with Kyle Tiernan’s draw-along elementary school assemblies.  Check out what they said!

Tina Rondinella – I know I speak for many teachers when I say we are always concerned about the quality of an assembly.

We never have enough time to teach all that we need to and completely dislike it when we loose valuable time for an assembly that is entertaining but not educational as can be the case.

I thought you were excellent for many reasons. For one, you had complete control of the large audience. You use excellent teaching strategies by giving great verbal cues as well as demonstrating what you wanted students to do.You are a natural teacher. You kept the students active by participating step by step through an illustration. It was informative, valuable, and enjoyable. I think students will be motivated to sketch on their own in the future.

Rebecca Flynn – My class saw your afternoon show. We had a blast. I have a special day class of first and second graders and I thought that your program was engaging as well as very manageable for my little friends. The clear step by step instructions (with enough, but not too much time in-between) left the kids with some very cool pictures to take home and show off to families. The character selection was great too! My only thought was that my guys didn’t know what a dust bunny was, hahaha! BUT…that did not make the activity any less enjoyable!

 Laura Mixon – I was pleased with both the content of the drawing assembly and the control of the rather large group. The subjects held the children’s interest. The design of the lesson let them discover that they could be successful at drawing. The pacing and length of the session was just right for my young children.

Cherie Wescott – My 4th grade students enjoyed the assembly very much. There were a few who did not think they would like it because they felt they weren’t good at drawing. But you made it easy for them to keep up and they were happy with what they produced. Many students wanted to continue drawing when they returned to class and some took the drawings out to recess.

I am also the parent of a 2nd grader who attended. When I got home, she showed me her work and was quite proud. I noticed they younger students had drawn some different things than my class had. My daughter particularly enjoyed “the funny refrigerator”.

Many years ago we had an artist come to teach drawing. We met in the library and it was not a very good experience. You, on the other hand, ran things smoothly and kept the students engaged!

Thank you very much for the assembly.