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Midland Elementary School teachers have some great things to say about Kyle Tiernan’s Draw-Along Elementary School Assemblies!

Becky Wood – I am a Kindergarten teacher and wanted to tell you how much I loved your drawing assembly! Every single one of my usually very active Kinders was totally involved in drawing along with you. Not one of them asked for help or became frustrated. Not one asked to go to the bathroom or needed to be reprimanded for inattention.

Every child drew three really good pictures and was thoroughly HAPPY while doing it, and extremely pleased with their artwork afterward. Your audience control was amazing and entertaining, with your clever use of sound effects and getting the kids to use motions. You definitely have a knack for drawing and for TEACHING others how to draw, along with being able to stay in control of the crowds. I would welcome you back anytime!

Dana Becker – I would like to thank you for an excellent assembly. All of my students (K & 1) were fully engaged and loved the drawings they completed during your assembly. As a teacher, I really appreciated the fact that you were able to keep the children active and enthusiastic while maintaining order in a multipurpose room full of K-2 students! Your crowd management techniques were excellent and so much fun. I even liked my own fish picture:-)

Jacquie Taggart – I wanted to take the time to say what a wonderful assembly you put on. It was very nice to see how engaged the children were. You really know how to keep them interested. Thank you again for your time and wonderful drawing tips.

Sarah Kraft – WOW!!! I was absolutely amazed at your performance today! You handled the students in an exceptional manner! The students were engaged, excited about drawing, and smiling the whole time. Your enthusiasm for your talent rubbed off on the students! I particularly liked how you handled the potential melt down of a student who forgot their eraser! Some of my students did and never thought twice about it!

Thank you for sharing your talent with us and I wish you all the best!

Marlene Prickett – My students really enjoyed your drawing assembly today, January 11th. My first graders were attentive and involved for the entire 50 minutes. They want to know if you are coming next year.