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Even MORE wonderful testimonials about my draw-along school assemblies!  These ones come from Mountain View Elementary up in Concord, CA.

Natalie Gold – My name is Natalie Gold and I am a first grade teacher at Mountain View Elementary in Concord. I just wanted to let you know that I thought your drawing assembly was fantastic. You held the kids interest for quite a long period of time, about 45 minutes. Not an easy task with 180 5, 6, and 7 year old kids. The students were so excited when we returned to the classroom, that all they wanted to do was draw. I was also impressed with your group management techniques. Another teacher and myself were commenting on how we were planning to use your quieting technique every time we do art.

Sam Gold – Thank you for a terrific assembly yesterday. My 5th graders were engaged the entire time and learned some great skills that they can apply in many areas. I really loved how you kept their attention throughout the lessons, and particularly liked that each and every student left the assembly with a fantastic drawing that they did themselves. Thanks again for a great assembly, we’d love to have you back again soon!

Kathy Nattkemper – Bravo! Your drawing assembly today was excellent! My first graders were totally involved and focused. You have excellent control of your audience. My students came back to class wanting and eager to draw. You gave them the confidence and enthusiasm needed to attempt new challenges. Thanks again for a great experience!

Terri Huston – Thank you for coming to Mtn. View. I have a special day class and often assemblies are too overwhelming to attend.

I found this assembly to be easy to follow, leveled accordingly and the kids really got involved. I would highly recommend this to other school as well.