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Ontario, California teachers (at Mt. View) share their thoughts, comments and quote about Kyle Tiernan’s assembly program.

Beth Stephens – Your interactive drawing assembly today was fabulous! The kids were so engaged. Every eye was on you and every pencil was creating something beautiful. Your group management was amazing. I enjoyed your “tricks of the trade” for keeping students with you, yet without getting them over-excited. I also liked the math vocabulary you reviewed: cube, cylinder, sphere.

My third graders were able to keep the pace you set and create the pictures quite well. Their confidence as artists really soared. I can’t draw well, so I really appreciated them getting instruction from someone who could not only draw well, but also break it down into a simple step by step procedure that made sense to them. My students raved about the assembly and we’d love to have you come back to Mountain View again sometime soon!

Shawn Barksdale – OMGoodness Kyle your assembly was amazing! I was impressed with the fun, enthusiastic way that you kept the children’s attention. The instructions were so easy for them to follow and their drawings came out fabulous. Even my little friend who struggles with fine motor skills created a masterpiece! In the 14 years that I have been teaching I have never seen an assembly as perfect for my students as yours was… I am still saying “WOW”!!!

Karen Pickett – My students and all of the rest of the K, 1, and 2 students enjoyed their experience of drawing with you. The instructions were clear. The students were not afraid to make a mistake because you made sure they knew it didn’t have to be perfect. Even when the students were listening to the instructions, you had them using their bodies and imaginations. It was a fabulous exercise in listening and my students were successful in their drawings!

Amber Long – I wanted to thank you for your awesome assembly today. My fifth graders LOVED every part of your presentation and were proud of their drawings.

Also, the grade-appropriate/ academic language used, such as parallel lines, sphere, cylinder, etc. made the assembly that much better. Kyle, you have great management techniques and you truly capture the attention of your audience. Again, the assembly you brought to our school today was well-received and enjoyed by all.

Karen Mooney – Thank you for such a worthwhile assembly. Every one of my students (as well as EVERY student in the whole cafeteria) was engaged and entertained, but challenged in a fun and positive way to listen, follow directions, and learn terminology and drawing skills. And every one of them produced drawings with complete success. Their pride and excitement in their work was evident during the assembly and after, back in class. I often notice students covering their drawings with their free hand so others will not see that it is “not good” or “not right.” I saw none of that today!