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No matter what language your student speak, this draw-along school assembly will connect with them all, as the teachers at Napa Valley Language Academy discovered!

Pam Perkins – Principal – Thank you so much for such an amazing experience this morning. You have awesome audience control and made all 3 assemblies special, exciting and fun. Like I told you, your assemblies are loaded with rich language opportunities for all students. Language development is an integral part of each assembly and I know that this was an enriching educational experience, not just a fun assembly. Thanks again!!

Nadia Peña Torres – I teach 5th grade at a K-6 dual-immersion elementary school and was extremely impressed by the Drawing Secrets Revealed assembly.

Not only were the students engaged and entertained, but they were also learning something in the process and left feeling completely successful and proud of themselves when they were done. Any teacher knows that there will always be the few students in the class who are the “doodlers;” the students who will spend most of their day sketching and doodling and seemingly “in the clouds,” when in fact they are completely tuned in to what is going on around them. For some of these kids, art is the one subject in which they really excel and shine. Assemblies like this one validate those kids and their talents, allowing for their classmates and teachers to “ooo and aaa” over their masterpieces and artistic abilities.

This assembly is also extremely valuable for those students who do not feel confident in their artistic abilities and shy away from art out of fear/shame of their work. Kyle was able to make art fun and easy, focusing on the simplicity of shapes. Kyle is able to take hold of and maintain the student’s attention and imagination and his student management skills rivals that of any teacher! This was an amazing opportunity!

Amy Keane – After a rainy week, our 200 kindergarten & 1st grade students were very “energetic”. Additionally, about half of our students are just beginning to learn English as a second language. Nevertheless, you had all of them – and all the parents teachers- in the palm of your hand with your engaging, very interactive assembly.

Many of the kinder teachers agreed that this was the best assembly ever for our kinder students. All of the students participated, paid attention, responded & enjoyed themselves, all while practicing good vocabulary and drawing techniques. On top of all that, they left the assembly with projects they were excited and proud to take home. As teachers, many of our favorite workshops are “Make It & Take It” sessions, and that is what you provided for the students! I hope that you are able to come back to our school in the future.

Ann Dearborn – I am a kinder teacher at NVLA in Napa. We had the pleasure of seeing you last week here at our school. I just wanted to let you know how impressed I was with your ability to keep 200 kinder and 1st graders focused, engaged and drawing. It was one of the best assemblies I have ever been too. I even had to do the drawings myself! My students felt so successful that they were able to draw those elaborate pictures.

Thank you so much for visiting our school and for teaching us that we should not be afraid of drawing.

Gladys Hernandez – I really enjoyed your assembly, especially because the kids enjoyed it. They felt empowered to draw things they would never think of drawing. The students were engaged from the beginning and your interaction was grade level appropriate. Thank you for a great assembly.

DeeDee Sary – Yours was the best assembly that we have had by far. You had all of the children engaged. And those in Kinder and 1st are difficult to keep engaged. When we returned to the classroom, we sat in a circle and they each showed the drawings that they had made. They were wonderful!!!!!!

I am not so good at drawing and I learned some very important techniques. Please keep up the good work and I hope you come back again.

Maestra Ortiz – Your presentation was very efficient and professional. You kept their attention all through the workshop in a very friendly manner. You have the ability to transfer your knowledge to them in a simple, fun and easy to understand way. You made us feel good about drawing. The students were engaged and eager to do more.

Linda Benton – My class and I loved the assembly today (10/19). You managed to speak right to their level and interest and charmed the adults as well. You managed them beautifully with your easy following directions techniques. The students all felt successful and were eager to both color their drawings and continue drawing.

Some skill-building strengths your assembly encourages are: focusing, listening and following directions carefully can be fun, you feel good about yourself when you try something new and you find you can do it, the idea that most hard things can be mastered if you take it one step at a time, basic shapes.