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Nuffer Elementary School teachers, Julia Aldia Montgomery and Emily Klauk, speak highly of this amazing draw-along school assembly.

Emily Klauk –
 I am the assembly coordinator at our site and I had several teachers praising me for the amazing assembly! However, I couldn’t take credit for this one and I REALLY wish I could!

Our PTA booked you and thank goodness they did!!!

My kids have never been so quiet and on task!  You gave ALL of them the confidence to be able to draw and they were so proud of their pieces!!!  It was so entertaining and easy to follow along that all kids were capable and even the teachers participated!!!  My students had a wonderful experience and they are already asking when you’re coming back!!! I will definitely be booking you myself next year! Thank you for entertaining my students and showing them that they can all DRAW and LOVE it!!!

Julia Aldia Montgomery –
You were exceptional with the kids. Students were engaged, super enthusiastic about it, and no discipline problems. Friendly environment (language used) , kids were motivated to try their best since the beginning, great rapport, and they were successful.

Next year I will encourage your program to return!