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Oliviera Elementary School teachers and staff sing praise about this amazing elementary school assembly!

Nicole Oviatt – I have to say, as a person who openly admits to her students that she can’t draw, this was by far one of the best assemblies I have ever been to. I could even make the drawings myself, which trust me is a feat in itself.

Assemblies are usually to be viewed and chime in every now and then, but this one allowed the students to be very involved the whole time. Also, the way you asked if the pictures had to match yours and be perfect, were excellent. Many times students feel they have to be EXACTLY the same as the teacher, but giving them the freedom to have their picture look different and be their own took much of the pressure off of them and allowed them to have a good time and try their best!!

This is definitely an assembly that I would encourage to anyone else and hope will come back to our school next year!Kyle thank you so much for providing such a wonderful and engaging experience for our students.

Erin Kindig – I am a second grade teacher at Oliveira Elementary. My students throughly enjoyed your lesson on how to draw. When the drawing session was over they could not stop telling me about it. I think your lesson grabbed every students attention. Thank you.

Ury Gonzalez – I think the assembly was great. The students really enjoyed it and it was informative at the same time. I would tell any school including the one my wife teaches at that your assembly was great and the students would really enjoy it. Even though my students were first graders they kept up with the drawing and did an excellent job. I felt the audience control was excellent and the students took a lot out of the assembly and not just art. They learned a little about the different animals they drew. Keep up the great work.

Tiffany Nakken – Kyle provided an engaging and extremely interactive assembly for our students. Even my most highly distractable students were engaged. I don’t think you could have pulled them off task! Kyle made drawing easy and fun! My students came out of the assembly excited to show their parents the works of art they created.