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Palms Elementary School teachers give their insights about Kyle Tiernan’s Draw-along school assemblies.

Tanya Bogdanovich – Thank you, Kyle for coming to Palms Elementary School. The assembly was by far the best spent money for giving back to every child. I was so impressed how you were able to have complete attention of a hundred plus students who were completely engaged and focused. I noticed that the teachers were just as focused, as we all drew with you, as you guided us through each step.

The best part was to see the proud looks on the children’s faces as they completed each drawing. I especially liked how you concluded by asking the children to teach what they had just learned to do to another person, perhaps in their family. I wish that we could have you come several times throughout the school year.

We have been paying for M**t The M*****ers program for several years now, and we are thinking about a new program. Yours is a much better alternative!

Ellen Flaming – My sixth grade students loved your assembly. As I looked around all the students were following along and enjoying the process. All students were able to succeed with your methods. I saw my high achievers as well as students who struggle drawing the pictures and enjoying the process. My students asked me if you could come back again this year. It is not easy to impress sixth grade students and you did!

Claudia Morgan – I thought the assembly was quite enjoyable. My class really enjoyed it and were very excited with their pictures. They couldn’t wait to return to class to color the pictures. The instructions and the pictures were age appropriate. Even my students that have trouble following directions and staying focused were able to do the work and stay right with you. I hope we will be able to have you return for next year.